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display alliance news 7.2.2010

JFK International gets a new digital signage advertising toy, an 8ft by 12ft interactive video wall.
Dave Weinfeld of Digital Signage Insights poses this question: "What do you get when you combine one of the largest technology companies in the world with an alternative out-of-home agency whose installations push the boundaries of technological creativity? Thanks to a collaboration between IBM, Ogilvy & Mather, and Monster Media, the preceding question has been answered in the form of an interactive video wall that measures 8 feet high and 12 feet long. Monster Media, like its leading competitor Inwindow Outdoor, fall into what I like to call the "One Up Category," While I'm sure that each company aims to one up the other, the moniker is primarily based on each organization's continued push to one up itself. Rarely are two Monster Media installations ever alike." Read Daves full article here.

Samar Techologies introduces new all-in-one ad displays.
The LED powered panel offers low power consumption, a longer life cycle and contains no lead or mercury for less impact to the environment. These reliable products are designed to run 24/7. Content loading is user friendly and can be uploaded by SD card, thumb drive or through a network. Customized designs including private labeling and logos will be offered upon request. All of these features will be available at excellent pricing with discounts offered for volume purchases. Read the full press release here.

Virtual receptionist kiosks and virtual queuing.
Kiosks4Business, this week, offers an article about the benefits of a virtual receptionist.
For visitors to make an appointment via the kiosk, the visitor need only send the kiosk a SMS text message containing the date, the member of staffs name and the requested time for the appointment. The kiosk sends a return SMS text message either confirming the appointment or explaining that this appointment is taken and suggests some other possible appointments. The queuing system is updated in real time, so appointments can also be added manually avoiding already taken appointments. Read the full article here.

Runco releases WindowWall, their modular, LCD-based display wall system.

The Runco WindowWall extends imaginative options in a room’s design and it offers a gamut of applications, from digital ambience to home entertainment, to sophisticated home office applications, such as video conferencing. The WindowWall can also become a virtual window changing the mood for any room by displaying snow falling on the mountains or the view of Manhattan from a skyscraper.  Perfect for sports enthusiasts, the WindowWall can become an enormous screen showing a game or multiple games at once. Read the full article here.

Delphi Display System's outdoor digital signage.
Delphi designs and manufactures digital displays that sit atop gas pump dispensers or are installed to one of the posts in the forecourt area. Content is ultimately determined by the customer and can range from advertising national brands, promoting products in the adjacent convenience store, or showing local news, weather and traffic. Read the full article here.

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