display alliance news 7.7.2010
Wednesday, July 7, 2010
Chris Sava

Samsung offering a free digital signage software, MagicInfo/MagicNet.
Dave Haynes of Sixteen:Nine writes of the development of this new software. Although the advanced version does carry a licence fee he says, Samsung has some very nice thin-bezel panels, and tuning the software to support large clusters of them, in different shapes, is smart. Certainly, other software platforms out there (and intermediary boxes) can do this sort of thing. But this software has that magic word tied to it: free. Read Daves full article on the software here.

New E-Leaflets Software for Telehealth Kiosks
Kiosks4Business offers us a press release on their new E-Leaflets Software. They say, the touch screen e-leaflet module works in a similar way to an online shopping basket whereby users can view the document and touch a button to add it to their basket.  Once they have the various forms and other documentation of interest the user is requested to enter their email address.  The e-leaflet module then automatically creates one or more emails with the documents attached which is sent to the user. Read the full press release here.

Global supply of LCD panel components to remain tight in 2H10
According to Digitimes Displays, Global supply of TFT-LCD panel component such as light guide plates (LGPs) and reflective sheets is expected to remain tight in the second half of the year, and may further affect overall shipments of LCD panels, according to Taiwan-based panel makers. Read the full article here.

Digital Signage is a great up-selling tool for Pharmacies.
LCD Enclosure For Outdoor Digital Signage Protection tells us why pharmacies are investing in digital signage. According to the article, this is a brand of customer service where practitioner and patient interactive and occasionally it is of a confidential nature, now chemists are using electronic signage for two very distinct reasons. They will function on two fronts, firstly as an information system and secondly as an opportunity to up sell. When have you been to the doctors for vaccinations for a holiday and you need to purchase some Malaria tablets? The most convenient solution is to call on the pharmacy adjacent to the doctors or near by, to make the relevant purchases. Read Graham’s full article here.

Chimei Innolux recently started shipping LCD’s by air.
Sourced from Digitmes Display, Taiwan-based TFT-LCD panel maker Chimei Innolux (CMI) has recently started to shifting its LCD monitor assembly lines from Shenzhen, southern China, to Chongqing and Wuhan, western China, in line with Foxconn Electronics (Hon Hai Precision Industry) setting up production bases there, and the company has shipped some LCD monitors to clients by air because the move has caused delays in production and shipment schedules, according to Taiwan-based makers. Read the full article here.

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