display alliance news 7.8.2010
Thursday, July 8, 2010
Chris Sava

4 Reasons why digital displays are more beneficial than static displays.
DigitalSignageBlog offers up 4 reasons for a retailer to take digital display over static. Here are the reasons. 1. Printing costs – there are no printing costs involved with digital displays. If done correctly, you don’t even have to spend too much money with design costs as you may already have existing content from your website or marketing material. 2. Resource costs – how much time is spent replacing static images. Wouldn’t it be more effective if your staff was actually serving customers rather than spending time hanging posters? 3. Animation and engaging content – this is used to attract more customer into your store. 4. Live information – e.g news, weather, twitter posts, facebook information, you can’t do this with static display! Read the full article here.

Self-service technology appears to be creating new jobs and increasing productivity.
Missy Baxter of SelfServiceWorld.com. reports on this growing technology. She says, recent reports and studies indicate the self-service industry not only is creating a multitude of highly skilled and higher paying jobs, but that it also is fueling the United States economy through increased productivity and efficiency. "Technological changes often mean job displacement," an ITIF report concluded. "The answer is not to impede these advances but to help workers adapt and learn the skills a changing economy demands." Read the full article here.

IPS vs. VA vs. TN LCD panel technology explained.

PChardwarehelp explains the primary differences between these three LCD technologies. S-IPS/H-IPS panels are generally considered the best all around panel type, but they are more expensive and very few are made. High end, expensive. S-PVA/MVA panels offer better color reproduction and viewing angles than TN panels, have slightly worse response times than TN or S-IPS, offer the best contrast ratios, may suffer from color shifting or input lag and have higher availability than S-IPS panels. Mid range, fair price. TN panels are very cheap and have the fastest response times, but suffer from inferior color reproduction, contrast ratios and viewing angles. Low end, inexpensive. Read the full article here.

Aerva Presto™ brings affordable digital signage with social networking.
Sourced from Aerva Inc.’s wesbite, Aerva Presto™ includes social networking widgets, a full drag-and-drop user interface, and a template-based approach allowing anyone to update or modify signage content in just a few minutes. The new product complements Aerva AerWave, a digital signage product with additional features for the enterprise. Both Presto and AerWave are digital signage products built on top of Aerva’s long-standing, robust, and flexible digital signage platform, AerChannel, now in Version 4.2. Get more information on the software here.

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