display alliance news 8.10.2010
Tuesday, August 10, 2010
Chris Sava

Vending Machine Detects One’s Sex And Age To Recommend Appropriate Drinks.
All that customers need to do is to stand in front of the system, wait for it to work its magic through a camera, and then choose the drink that the system recommends by pushing the drink’s icon on a 47-inch touch panel. Read the full article here.

Minimizing the environmental effect of digital Signage.
Dave Little of Key West Technology writes a follow up article from his post last week, Is Digital Signage Green?  Dave states, digital signage offers certain advantages from the standpoint of environmental protection over traditional printed signs, but that's not to say the digital medium isn't without its own set of environmental concerns. Read the full blog post here.

Large-size LCD panel prices continue to drop in 1H August.
LCD TV panel prices for the first half of August have dropped US$7-15. LCD TV vendors are lowering prices of their sets in order to clear inventories, and are expected to restock panels later in the third quarter if the inventory clearance goes smoothly. Read the full article here, at DigiTimes Display.

Internet-Enabled TV Trumps 3-D TV in 2010.
Global shipments of IETVs—i.e., TV sets with built-in Internet capability—will amount to 27.7 million units in 2010. In contrast, 3-D set shipments will total only 4.2 million this year. While 3-D television shipments are set to soar in the coming years, iSuppli’s forecast shows the biggest near-term growth story is in IETV. Read the full article here, at isuppli.

CMI poised to supply integrated LCD, touch, cover glass panels.
CMI has transformed some of its lines to handle the production of both TFT-LCD and touch panels, and is establishing two touch panel factories. CMI's touch panel capacity will reach several million units, but it will still be only capable of fulfilling the demand from one to two clients currently. Read the full article here, at Digitimes Display.

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