display alliance news 8.2.2010
Monday, August 2, 2010
Chris Sava

Cash Register Prototype from Intel
Trefor from Digital Signage Point of View reports on Intels cash register prototype. He says, Intel had conceptualized this new-age cash register a year ago, but this working prototype puts their idea to glass and steel. The way this self-checkout kiosk works is that it’ll recognize your shopping habits and purchase history from your credit card and give recommendations of other products you might want to buy. You know, to get you to spend more money. The idea is to give the best features of online shopping (ease of checkout, recommendations, history) in a brick and mortar setting. And to look really cool doing it. Read the full article here.

LCD Panel Makers to Increase Capital Spending in 2010- Projected $16.9 billion in capital expenditures could cause LCD panel oversupply in Q4 2010 and in 2011. From iSuppli Market Watch

General Digital developing the industry’s first IP-addressable microcontroller, able to remotely maintain your LCD monitor. Read the full article here.

Is digital signage green?
Dave Little of Key West Technologies offers us his expertise and opinion digital signage as a green industry. Among other points he says, cutting out the need to replace printed signs eliminates the energy needed to dispose of or recycle the signs and -to the degree printed signs aren't recycled- the impact of adding tons more paper, ink, chemical coatings and paints to landfills. Read the full blog post here.

Samar technologies selling off excess inventory of their 19" touch screen digital signage monitor: $195.00

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