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display alliance news 9.21.2010

Taiwan market: BenQ aims at top position for LCD monitors and projectors in 2011 BenQ aims to rank top-three for LCD TVs, LCD monitors and front projectors in the Taiwan market in the second half of 2010 and aims to become the leading vendor in the LCD monitor and front projector markets in Taiwan in 2011, according to Robert Dung, managing director of BenQ Taiwan. Read more at digitimes.

Looking At Panel Specs Carefully… Following the blog ‘Building an LCD display system’ it was suggested that I comment again on the topic of specifications. Back on 3 September 2010 the topic of very high contrast ratios was addressed, this time the issue is that a single specification should not be considered in isolation and all the specs need to be reviewed in the context of the intended application. Read more at panelx.

First OLED Display over 100” At CEATEC JAPAN 2009, Mitsubishi Electric unveiled a 155” large-scale organic light emitting diode (OLED) display called Diamond Vision. Mitsubishi recently announced it will start selling the Diamond Vision OLED on September 21, 2010. This will be the first large-scale OLED display system available. The 2009 demo system was built by tiling full-color passive matrix OLED displays, each 96 × 96 mm with 16 × 16 pixels. There were 720 tiles total—20 rows × 36 columns—resulting in a 1920 × 3456 mm display with 320 × 576 pixels. The commercial systems are assembled by connecting larger tiles, called standard modules (384 × 384 mm), with 128 × 128 pixels, weighing eight kilograms. The design allows the systems to be scalable, enabling them to form different sizes and shapes, for example, against rounded surfaces. The system depth is 99 mm, enabling it to be installed in limited spaces such as narrow paths and station concourses. Read more at displaysearchblog.

TPV confirms to build Taiwan R&D centre, HQ Top global PC monitor maker TPV Technology Ltd (0903.HK) will set up a global operating headquarters, R&D centre and plants in Taiwan, its chairman said on Monday. Jason Hsuan, chairman and chief executive of TPV Technology Group, told reporters on the sidelines of a business event that the company was looking for a location not far from Taipei. Read more at reuters.

India LCD TV Market – growth Opportunities On the back of rapid economic growth, India has witnessed a dynamic change in consumer electronics industry. One electronic gadget that has brought new revolution in Indian Electronic Industry is Television Set. Today, India is fast emerging as the key driver in the global television market both as a manufacturer and consumer. The Indian television industry, growing at a steady rate has attracted a number of global companies like Samsung, LG and Sony. Access to superior technology, greater spending and sustaining power differentiates the foreign firms from the domestic ones, thereby resulting in highly intensified market. Read more at toadhillreviews.

System-level approach yields optimized LED backlight design LEDs are very quickly becoming the LCD TV industry’s backlighting technology of choice, and are being incorporated into increasingly larger screen sizes. There seems little doubt that LEDs will be the mainstream light source in all LCD applications due to slim design, low power consumption and the fact that LEDs enable high display performance. System design teams must understand how to optimize LED backlight systems to win in what will surely be a competitive marketplace. Read more at ledsmagazine.

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