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display alliance news 9.22.2010

Mirror TV Touchscreen Lets You Watch News, Control House, Shave Like other Ad Notam offerings, the product is geared towards point-of-sale displays, but there’s no reason why this unit couldn’t find a nice home in a bathroom – perfect for watching the morning news, setting the GOOD MORNING mode on the home control system, and Twittering friends about your cool new toy. And shaving. Ad Notam will offer the mirror-touch-PC-TV in a variety of sizes up to 82 inches. The 17.3-inch model will retail for about $3,500. Read more at cepro.

Lighting market to push HighBright-LEDs into next manufacturing phase Following a boom in the 1980s that consisted primarily of TV remote applications and low-end indicators, LEDs (light emitting diodes) are experiencing another growth period that began in the 1990s and is going stronger than ever, driven by LCD notebook and TV backlighting applications. There's been a wild ramp-up in production, leading already to shortages in the equipment and materials used to manufacture LEDs, and predictions of more to come. Read more at edn.

European Union to no longer impose 14% tariff on imports of LCD panels larger than 19” The WTO issued a ruling on July 23 saying that the EU had violated its obligations under the 1994 WTO Information Technology Agreement by imposing a 14 percent tariff on imports of the LCD panels, which Taiwanese, Japanese and U.S. manufacturers said should be considered information technology products, entitled to zero-tariff trade under the agreement. The EU has imposed zero tariffs on imported large-size, high-end flat panels since the ruling, according to the ministry. read more at focustaiwan.

TPV to consolodate various offices into one headquarters near Taipei In regards to whether TPV and AU Optronics have plans for more cooperation, TPV chairman Jason Hsuan did not comment directly on the subject but pointed out that since TPV does not have its own panel capacity, it needs to work with others. He noted that Chimei Innolux (CMI) is also a shareholder of TPV. TPV expects shipments for LCD monitors and LCD TVs to combine for 70 million units, which should meet market expectations of 55 million LCD monitors and 15 million LCD TVs. Read more at digitimes.

Flextronics plant uses Lean manufacturing to produce redbox kiosks International manufacturer Flextronics this May joined with its customer Coinstar to announce its manufacturing plant in Creedmoor, N.C., had built and shipped 25,000 redbox kiosks to locations all over North America. Since then the plant has built and shipped a couple of thousand more of the devices that had a hand in changing the way consumers obtained, paid for and returned movies and video games. And right around Labor Day redbox reported it had rented its 1 billionth DVD. Read more at selfserviceworld.

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