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display alliance news 9.29.2010

Banner Type LCD Panels Display system builders looking to produce a very wide banner type LCD display (also called bar type) do not have a lot to choose from right now. I am only aware of the Samsung LTI430LA01 which is a 43″ with a resolution of 1920×480 giving a 4:1 aspect ratio, it is a very impressive panel. There is something about this size and shape that makes it very appealing for applications like digital signage, it has a presence and novelty value. It is also looks great when used in portrait mode.  Of course it requires custom content but my view is that most good digital signage does anyway. Click to read more from James Henry..

LCD panel demand will be good in 2011 Overall demand for TFT-LCD panel makers in 2011 is expected to be good, panel makers in the first half of 2011 are expected to benefit from the fact that inventory levels were adjusted, utilization rates were lowered, and panel prices dropped to cost levels in the second half of 2010, and on top of that, the acceptance for LED-backlit LCD TVs in the market will be even higher, which will further help to stimulate demand in 2011. Click to read more..

US Air Force developing ultra-fine pixel displays on aircraft windshields Boffins the University of Michigan have created a new breed of LCDs with pixels ten times smaller than the ones on standard computer monitors. The work was funded by the US Air Force Office of Scientific Research. Dr Jay Guo and colleagues at Michigan have created a colour filter for LEDs using specially etched nano-scale sheets of metal and an electrical insulator, which the team have named “plasmonic resonators”. The interaction between light passing through the slit on to the nano-sheets results creates a tiny coloured pixel – the colour varying depending on the shape of the slit. Click to read more..

Pixel Qi: Sunlight Readable Wireless or USB Display The wireless option is based on DisplayLink technology. There’s also the option of connecting the Pixel Qi display using Ethernet, which I think is really cool. The USB connection draws just 1.5W so no battery or power adapter is required. It would certainly be a cool feature to have tablets be able to connect to notebook PCs and be used as extra displays. Not as versatile as Pixel Qi / Display Solutions, but Air Display, an app for the iPad and iPhone, allows the two gadgets to be used as extra displays. Air Display uses WiFi so anything other than static information will be pushing it. Click to read more..

Wintek expands monthly capacity to 2.1 million medium-size touch panels In order to meet booming demand, Wintek previously shifted a portion of its capacity for small-size touch panels to producing medium-size applications and it currently ships 700,000-800,000 medium-size touch panels a month. With the capacity expansion, Wintek expects to increase its monthly shipments of medium-size projected capacitive touch panels to 1.4-1.5 million units. Click to read more..

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