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display alliance news 9.8.2010

Vodafone's Microsoft Surface: like Go Fish for phones. Microsoft worked with Vodafone late last year to deploy Surfaces to a few dozen stores in several European countries (much as AT&T has done in the US), and one of those units happens to be set up at the carrier's IFA booth this week. The basic idea here is that each available model appears as a card that can be twirled, resized, and flung around the screen. Read more at engadget.

AllSee Technologies provide digital display solutions which in most cases require bespoke digital displays to be designed and implemented. Colston Hall was looking for a display which would enable them to quickly and easily communicate information on their forthcoming concerts and events; they also required the solution to be portable, as in it needed to be movable around the location, so as to create maximum exposure for their concerts and events. This raised the issue of connectivity as it clearly could not be tied down to any network wiring. Read more on Display Alliance.

Samsung mobile LCD capacity will increase tenfold. Thanks to a new display manufacturing facility that Samsung will be opening up soon, Samsung will go from making 3 million mobile phone screens a month to 30 million. Samsung's Mobile Display unit will open up the new manufacturing plant in July of 2011 as part of the company's commitment to keep up with the growing mobile phone market.  Read the full article at tgdaily.

Sony To Realign LCD TV Manufacturing Operations For Europe. Sony Corp., as part of its on-going initiative toenhance its manufacturing efficiency to improve the profitability of its liquid crystal display or "LCD" TV business, announced that its relevant European units have agreed with Ficosa International, S.A. and COMSA EMTE SL, to sell the Barcelona technology center in Spain to Ficosa and COMSA EMTE. With this transaction, the Barcelona technology center would be divided into 2 new companies, 1 focusing on manufacturing and the other focusing on development and engineering. Read more at rttnews.

Samsung: "It's too premature to commercialize OLED TVs", too expensive. Yoon Boo-keun, the head of Samsung's TV business unit says that "It's too premature to commercialize OLED TVs due to strong price resistance. Consumers will not buy it without affordable prices, leaving small room for greater marketability,". While Samsung seems to believe that OLED TVs are "coming soon", the company will probably not start to make them while they're so expensive. Read more at oled-info.

Amtran August LCD TV shipments fall to 300,000 units. Amtran Technology saw its LCD TV shipments drop to 300,000 units in August 2010, from 320,000 units in July, with corresponding revenues of NT$4.53 billion (US$142 million) , shrinking 11% on month and 15% on year, according to the company. Read more at digitimes.

Slow Television Sales Spur LCD Panel Oversupply. Shipments of large-sized Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) panels vastly exceeded end-market sales of televisions, monitors and notebook PCs, spurring a major buildup of inventory of the LCDs and finished products, including LCD-TVs, according to market research firm iSuppli Corp. Coming amid fears of a slowing economy and the possibility of a double-dip recession, the inventory increases are raising concerns throughout the display supply chain—from panel suppliers to contract manufacturers and brands, to retailers. The oversupply situation was exacerbated by a significant cut in orders in July from LCD panel buyers. To be sure, the large-sized LCD panel market was already in oversupply for most of the second quarter of 2010, but the order cuts in July pushed the market further into oversupply as inventories expanded to even higher levels. Read more at isuppli.

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