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display alliance news 9.9.2010

iPod touch: Retina Display Sucks Look at the photo above by Engadget. On the left is the new iPod touch with the Retina Display. On the right is the Retina Display in the iPhone 4. These are NOT the same Retina Displays. The one in the iPod touch sucks: when viewed at angles con­trast goes out the door and colors shift so much that they look like crap. IPS is known for look ing great when viewed at dif fer ent angles and my guess is that the Retina Display on the iPod touch ain’t no IPS; it is some cheap TN-based 3.5-inch LCD sport ing a 960×640 pixel for mat. I wouldn’t touch it. Especially if it means I need to part ways with US$229. There might be no peer to the iPod touch but the dis play sim ply isn’t what Apple wants you to believe it is; the “Retina Display” on the iPod touch is a fake version of the real thing. Sourced from displayblog.

TPV Capitalizes on Renewed Demand TPV Technology Ltd., a Taiwan-based contract maker of flat-screen monitors and televisions, is benefiting from a recovery in consumer demand as the global economy rebounds from the 2008 financial crisis. The Hong Kong-listed company, which counts Sony Corp. and Dell Inc. as customers, has seen a rise in orders as more companies outsource production to cut costs. Read more at online.wsj.

Philips Lights Up OLEDs Without A Power Adapter Previously, if you wanted to use an OLED display, you had to use a power adapter. The problem was that OLEDs required low voltage to light up, instead of the standard (in Europe) 230v system. Now, scientists at Philips have announced that they have been able to design an OLED system that doesn’t require a step down transformer in order to work. This means that a device that uses an OLED lighting system won’t require the additional hardware components to change the voltage from whatever comes out of the wall to the low voltage previously needed. Read more at crunchgear.

Digital Concrete Screens- Yup, you read it right Digital Concrete Screens in floors, facades and even pavements can of course make live signage in places as disperse as hotels, airports, night clubs, shopping malls, corporations, science parks and conference centers a lot more interesting and applicable. The screen is on the exterior side of the wall (the so-called rain screen) and takes no load but is fixed to the load bearing structure of the building. All electronics are installed on the interior side of the wall and finished with a cover wall which has lids for easy access to the projection units. The media façade can in most cases be constructed with a thickness of just 38cm. Read more at dailydooh.

Apple Predicted To Sell 28 Million iPads In 2011 The iPad has already been a great success for Apple [AAPL] since it was launched earlier in the year, and it looks like the iPad sales figures will continue to rise at a similar rate. One Analyst, Maynard Um with UBS Investment research thinks that Apple will sell around 28 million iPads next year, and he is calling this number conservative, also apparently iPad sales are having an affect on the PCindustry and not MacBook sales. Read more at geeky-gadgets.

Kits for Rapid Display System Prototyping Digital View announces custom kits for display designers. Well known for innovation and excellent support services, Digital View is encouraging LCD display designers to achieve faster prototyping by shipping display design kits, tailored to designer’s specific project requirements. With a full range of LCD controller boards and OEM media players as well as many value-add accessories for every display system, designers can quickly assemble kits to build advanced video display products. Find out more at displayalliance.

Hydis to supply IPS panel for Samsung tablet PC, says Digitimes Research Electronics' Galaxy Tab 7-inch tablet PC is said to have received some of its IPS panels, which are of comparable grade as those of Apple's iPad, from Hydis, a subsidiary of Taiwan-based E Ink as well as from Samsung itself. The panel will feature fringe filed switching (FFS) technology, according to Digitimes Research senior analyst Mingchi Kuo. Read more at digitimes.

Sony takes top share position for flat panel TV shipments in 2Q10 for India, says DisplaySearch Sony increased its unit share of flat panel TVs to 27.1% in the second quarter of 2010 and took top share position in the India market, according to the DisplaySearch. The total TV market in India for 2009 was around 13.8 million units, making it the third-largest country market for TVs in the world, ahead of Japan and Brazil, and accounting for 37% of the Asia Pacific TV market. Sourced from digitimes.

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