Tuesday, March 26, 2019
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Foxconn says work on LCD plant in Mount Pleasant will begin this summer "The plant will make LCD screens for products in the education, medical, entertainment, security and smart city markets. ... The company changed plans to a Gen 6 plant in 2018 because it offered additional flexibility." via BizTimes

EIH to team up with partners to tap global e-paper medical display market "Major e-paper display solutions being developed by the group include medical care information boards, clinic reception displays, drip recording cards, smart drug labelling systems, clinic bed cards, mobile data recording boards, in 2.9-, 5.65-, 13.3- and 42-inch sizes, according to sources at E Ink Holding (EIH)." via DigiTimes

Interactive surfaces enter a whole new dimension of flexibility "Researchers at Osaka University propose a novel flexible tube display that is able to take various surface shapes. Information is expressed by streaming colored fluids through the tube and controlling the positions and lengths of the droplets. The tube's flexibility makes it possible to wrap the tube around the surface of an object and present information on its surface that is difficult to express on a standard two-dimensional display." via Phys.org

Aledia Expands Veeco’s Thin Film Process Equipment for 3D Micro LED Development "Veeco Instruments announced today that Aledia, a developer and manufacturer of next-generation 3D LEDs for display applications, has expanded its portfolio of Veeco thin film process equipment to support the development and production of advanced 3D Micro LEDs." via LED Inside

Trump push for China trade reform draws wide support at home, abroad "Trump’s trade war “has let the genie out of the bottle” by lifting expectations that the trade war will force China to reform policies that businesses and foreign governments regard as unfair, said Steven Gardon, vice president of indirect taxes and customs at Lear Corp." via Reuters

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