Friday, April 12, 2019
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Image via Korea Herald

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Apple LCD Supplier Japan Display Agrees to $2.1 Billion Bailout "...Japan Display has agreed to a $2.1 billion bailout from a Chinese-Taiwanese group. Although the deal saves the Apple display panel maker, it marks a failure in the Japanese government’s efforts to keep the company from falling into non-Japanese hands." via MacTrast

Trade war causes Chinese LCD maker to relocate "The trade reprisals have led Chinese firms to move their operations to other countries to avoid US tariffs and maintain their competitiveness. Besser set up a local company, Besser Display Technology Thailand, in 2018 to operate all its business units here: sales, distribution and manufacturing." via Bangkok Post

LG out to strengthen LCD TV presence "Out of the total of 218.8 million units of LCD TVs shipped globally last year, those by Korean TV makers LG and Samsung Electronics accounted for 67 million, or 30.6 percent, according to IHS Markit. For the first time, Chinese TV makers outdid Korean companies with 31.2 percent of LCD TV shipments." via The Korea Herald

JOLED Starts Construction of New Printed OLED Facility "JOLED this week started construction of a new manufacturing facility that will be used to make displays using printed OLED technology. The factory will be able to produce hundreds of thousands medium-sized OLED monitors used for computer monitors, automotive applications, and so on." via AnandTech

Osram joins German micro-LED display project "Their potentially high luminance (light output per unit area) could put μLEDs ahead of other emissive technologies such as OLEDs in space-constrained applications such as augmented reality glasses." via Electronics Weekly

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