Friday, May 31, 2019
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Japan Display getting $729M bailout after Apple agrees to restructure debt payments "The iPhone screen maker Japan Display Inc says that a proposed $729 million bailout is to proceed and that the Chinese-Taiwanese consortium will formalize their investment by June 14. It follows renegotiations over Japan Display's debts with Reuters reporting that Apple has agreed to wait for payments it is owed." via Apple Insider

Hisense's ULED XD TVs: The OLED Alternative We've Been Waiting For? "Hisense's ULED XD technology could produce LCD TVs that offer near-OLED black levels ... LCD TVs typically have a single LCD panel that produces the full picture, in color, illuminated by a backlight system. ULED XD introduces a second, monochrome panel to more precisely control light output." via PC Magazine

AUO Developed 3456×3456 HDR LCD Panels For VR Headsets "The panel is an LCD, but supports HDR through the use of 2304 individually controlled LED backlight elements rather than one global backlight. ... It doesn’t give the same quality of HDR as OLED (which can control brightness per-pixel), but with that many LEDs it can come close." via UploadDVR.com

COF packaging sees demand emerging for automotive OLED displays "COF packaging demand for automotive OLED displays has emerged, which may further tighten market supply as capacity expansion will remain quite limited in the short term, according to industry sources." via DigiTimes

No End In Sight To U.S.-China Trade War "This war could go on for a long time. Casualties so far have been limited. But both governments still have plenty of weapons to fire at each other." via Forbes

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