Thursday, November 8, 2018
Display Alliance in LCD, LG, Merck, Mini LED, News Roundup, OLED, Visionox, nanoplatelets

Image via Phys.org

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New mini LED-backlit LCD panels to challenge OLED displays "Sources say that brightness, contrast, color reproduction and power conservation is far superior to today's LCDs and can even compete with AMOLEDs while keeping the production cost in check." via GSM Arena

Is OLED slowly burning down? "If this is a problem that can be overcome in time, that would be all fine and good, but LG's consistent firmware updates seem to strongly indicate that it cannot resolve this in the fundamental, manufacturing level." via ZD Net

Merck's future in China is crystal clear "[Merck] has signed a Memorandam of Understanding with Shenzhen-listed Visionox Technology Inc to combine the forces of the two companies to accelerate the development and application of organic light-emitting diodes (OLED) in China." via Shine

Nanoplatelets improve LCD and LED screens "The semiconductor nanoplatelets are intended for the second generation of so-called quantum dot displays by offering more pure and intense colours than current technology for LCD or LED screens." via Phys.org

Falling OLED Pricing Undermines Mini LED Backlighting Adoption For Smartphones "Industry sources disclosed to Yonhap on Wednesday that many smartphone companies have become hesitant to use mini LED backlighting on their upcoming devices because OLED pricing has been dipping in the recent weeks. " via Infosurhoy

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