Thursday, December 20, 2018
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Avnet Introduces New Development Platform for Custom LCD Display Solutions "SimplePlus is a unique platform that simplifies the process of customizing LCD touch display solutions for applications spanning markets which include industrial automation, medical, transportation, and more." via Tucson.com

Chunghwa Picture Tubes in talks with suppliers to restart production "...the company suddenly halted production at its plants in Longtan and Yangmei districts in Taoyuan in the wake of its announcement last week that it was planning to seek bankruptcy protection." via Focus Taiwan

Sanan to maintain leadership via capacity expansion and innovation "For future operations, Sanan said it focuses R&D on mini LED and micro LED. In February 2018, Sanan signed with Samsung Electronics for the latter to pay US$16.83 million in advance for the former's exclusive supply of mini LED chips." via DigiTimes

LG will make OLED TVs that roll up like posters a reality in 2019 "However, things will change next year, as the Korean giant is hoping to revive its ailing TV business by bringing this novel form factor to life in the real world." via BGR

U.S. and China Blame Each Other at the WTO for the Current Trade War "Instead of battling through tariff tradeoffs, the countries have taken to blaming each other behind closed doors at the World Trade Organization, Reuters reports." via Fortune

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