Display Technology News Roundup 5.4.2016
Wednesday, May 4, 2016
Display Alliance in News Roundup

Image via The New Yorker

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The Search for Our Missing Colors "Each year, a group of experts at Pantone, the company best known for its exacting color-matching system, chooses and promotes a Color of the Year that aims to set the world’s fashion agenda—“a color snapshot of what we see taking place in our culture that serves as an expression of a mood and an attitude,” their Web site proclaims. " via The New Yorker

Huawei and Xiaomi to launch curved smartphones using Samsung, LG display panels "While flat devices may have been a hit in the past, curved displays appear to be a thing of the future. This is evident, especially given that giant OEMs like Samsung and LG have been incorporating it for a while now, not to mention our modern-day televisions." via UPDATO

LG Display to mass-produce OLED light panels "LG Display, the world's largest maker of liquid crystal display panels, is taking another step to establish the market for organic light-emitting diodes with its plan to mass-produce OLED panels for lighting starting in the first half of 2017." via Nikkei

New Tech Turns Your Skin Into a Touchscreen for Your Smartwatch "One of the biggest challenges with smartwatches is trying to navigate through apps on a relatively tiny screen. While smartphones and tablets have gotten bigger over the years, the gadgets we wear on our wrists need to stay small to avoid looking terribly unfashionable. Today a team at the Future Interfaces Group, a research lab within Carnegie Mellon University, released a look at a novel solution to this problem: making the skin on your arm and hand act like a touchscreen for your smartwatch." via The Verge

Put my finger where? New LG tech hides fingerprint sensors away "The days of having a fingerprint sensor you can actually see on a smartphone may be coming to an end. LG Innotek, the division of the company that produces components and materials, has integrated a fingerprint sensor into a glass front panel, but from underneath the sheet rather than in front or on top." via Yahoo

Curved ultrawide displays: Coming to a desktop near you? "Curved screens and immersive imaging are not new ideas, having been pioneered in movie theatres, along with surround sound, in the 1950s. The original Cinerama process used three synchronized 35mm projectors and a deeply curved screen. In the theatre environment, screens and viewing distances, are much larger than for desktop monitors. In addition, the image on the screen is projected from a lens or lenses, rather than generated on the screen itself. Projected onto a flat screen, wide-screen images can suffer from pincushion distortion, where the centres of the top, bottom and sides bow inwards" via ZD Net

Cadmium-Free Quantum Dots Offer Vibrant Color for Liquid Crystal Displays "Display manufacturers are constantly striving to satisfy consumers’ never-ending appetites for better and more true-to-life electronic displays. Accomplishing that has as much to do with color as it does with resolution. To do so, one technology that has been gaining increased momentum in the industry is quantum dots." via Photonics Media

iPhone 8 Will Feature 10nm A11 Chip, Ultrasonic Touch ID, OLED Screen, and More "Apple hasn’t earned as much profits with iPhone 6S as it did with the iPhone 6, which is why the company really needs to raise the bars for innovation in its next flagship smartphone. Analysts have predicted that the iPhone 7 will bring Apple back in the market with profits and will be an important factor to increase the hype around the next flagship, the iPhone 8." via MobiPicker

There's no need for 3D glasses with the HoloFlex holographic smartphone "Researchers from Queen’s University’s Human Media Lab have built a smartphone called the HoloFlex, which, as the name suggests, is made with both a flexible body and a holographic display. The result? Images that, quite literally, pop out at you." via Digital Trends

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