Display Technology News Roundup 9.28.16
Wednesday, September 28, 2016
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Can Graphene OLEDs Bring Flexible Displays to the Consumer Market? " Recently researchers in South Korea have published their work on a new OLED stack in the NPG Asia Materials journal. This new OLED is not only ultra-flexible but is also extremely efficient. " via All About Circuits

LED TVs May Cost More as Display Panels Get Dearer " Prices of LED televisions with screen sizes up to 42 inches are set to increase by 5-8 per cent as early as next month, when festive season sales start picking up. Manufacturers blame a 25-30 per cent price hike of display panels, the main component for these televisions, due to lower supply in this category since global demand has shifted to larger screen sizes - of 48 inches and above. " via IndiaTimes

Stagnant flat panel market masked by China growth " The global commercial flat panel display market recorded shipments of 855,000 units in Q2 2016, which constitutes a year-on-year (YoY) increase of 17%. However, the growth can be attributed mainly to the LCD videowall market as a result of rising demand from the security industry in China. " via Installation International

AOC's 1440p Agon gaming monitors arrive in the US " AOC has brought two of its compelling Agon gaming monitors, the AG271QX and AG271QG, to the United States this week. Both are 27-inch 1440p displays that focus on low latency, packing adaptive sync technology and high maximum refresh rates. " via Techspot

Sharp sticks with LCD for high-end devices " Japanese manufacturer Sharp will continue to using LCD (liquid crystal display) screen technology for its high-end TV panels, bucking a trend to move to OLED (organic light-emitting diode) among its competitors, especially the South Korean manufacturers. According to Sharp Indonesia general manager Haruhiko Sano, the LCD screen still is still a good choice for 8K TV, as OLED screens still have a durability issue. " via The Jakarta Post

The McDonald's of the Future Has Table Service and Touch-Screen Ordering " The so-called "McDonald’s of the Future" is entirely unlike a traditional fast food restaurant (and is just one of a handful currently being tested in New York, Florida, California, and Chicago). At the newest location in Chicago, fluorescent lighting and grease-splattered walls are replaced with modern split counters and an expanded line of baked goods; the usual counter staff is there, but so are a handful of shiny new touch-screen kiosks. Customers can personalize their orders, too, by selecting a bun, a protein and adding different toppings: maple bacon, Dijon mustard, and grilled onions. " via Eater

Coming soon: Touchless touch screen " Small Finnish tech firm Ixonos said it has agreed to develop the world’s first holographic touchless touch screen together with US firm Provision Interactive Technologies. " via Arctic Startup

Silver Nanowires and Graphene Join Forces for Touch Screen Displays " The field of nanomaterials vying to replace indium tin oxide (ITO) as the transparent conductor that controls display pixels in touch screen displays is getting crowded. We’ve seen materials including carbon nanotubes, silver nanowires, and graphene promoted as the heir apparent for this application. Now, researchers at the University of Sussex in England have introduced a strong contender into the battle to replace indium tin oxide: a hybrid material consisting of silver nanowires that are linked together with graphene. " via IEEE Spectrum

Touch screens utilize electron flow for user experience " There are many different types of touch-screens. The technology varies between devices and manufacturers, and many factors ultimately determine which version is chosen. Nevertheless, they all detect the same thing: user stimulus. There are three main types of touch screens: capacitive, resistive, and super acoustic. This article discusses capacitive touch screens, because that is what almost all mainstream smartphones use. " via The Tartan

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