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Forenex releases capacitive/resitive touch panel compatible pen

Materials: Cooper, Aluminum, Conductive rubber

*Compatible to any brand of capacitive touch panel
*Keep screen clean from finger smudge & grease.
*Perfect design with magnet could easily attach to any objects with
Iron (optional)
*High sensitivity & durable POM tip
*RoHS Compliance
*OEM/ODM orders acceptable.

OEM Pen condition:
*MOQ: 2000 pcs/lot
*Color printing tool: US$120/per color.

For detailed Specs and the entire press release, click here.

Contact Forenex Technology Co.

TEL: 886-4-2296-9886
FAX: 886-4-2296-9887
ADDRESS: 5F-2., No.212, Sec. 4, Wenxin Rd.,
North Dist., Taichung City 404, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

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