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Funeral Parlour Kiosks can help bereaving families arrange funerals for their loved ones

Arranging a funeral for a love one is probably one of the most difficult times that a person goes through. Not only is it emotionally difficult, but at this time when people are bereaving, they have to navigate the minefield of arranging the final send off, which at that time feels like an uphill struggle.  A free-standing kiosk in the actual funeral parlour and a portable funeral kiosk for home visits can be a valuable tool to help family at these distressing time to arrange the funeral ceremony.

How a Kiosk can help a bereaving family to arrange a Funeral.
The multimedia kiosk is programmed with software to help the family make decisions about the funeral. The information can be displayed visually as well as being delivered audibly for users who are visually impaired. Not only would the kiosks ask all the practical questions such as, Burial or cremation? Is the deceased to be dressed in one of the funeral home robes, or their own clothes? But the kiosks can have text explaining all the options and displaying photos and examples to help the family to make the right choice for them.

The additional information functionality is great when you showing images of the caskets, and casket furnishings. The kiosk can also have a Hymn help in the form of playing exerts of hymns that the family might like to choose for the service.

Because the kiosk guides the family through the whole process, the family can be left to arrange the entire funeral themselves without assistance if they wish. This is an ideal solution for people who feel that it is just too hard to talk about the deceased or the funeral arrangement. However, they can have someone talk them through the process if they prefer to.

As well as taking details and information from the family, the kiosks can offer the family additional information to help them. There might be information to read or print out on the following topics…

Obtaining the Death Certificate
Finding a Church
Registering a Death
Bereavement Advice
How to obtain Probate
How to add an Obituary Notice in the Local Newspaper
Financial Assistance that might be available
Claiming Back Life Insurance
Local Florists
Local Stone Masons
Local Catering Companies
Local Charities and Donations
Pet Care for Animals Left Behind
Green Options
Where you are offering information about external companies, you could sell companies advertising spaces on these pages to bring in extra revenue.

The kiosk can also email the relatives and friends of those arranging the funeral to inform of some of the options that have been chosen - Informing guests of charities that are being supported instead of sending flowers for example. The email would not only send out the information, but would also serve as an advertisement of your services for future funerals.

Having a kiosk at the funeral parlour can help to reduce the workload for existing staff because the kiosk can be programmed to meet all the requirements that are needed to arrange a funeral. A kiosk is like having an additional member of staff to take some of the strain without the expense of recruiting and training. If your particular funeral requirements would differ from those suggested above, the kiosks could be programmed to suit your needs.

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