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Gaming Kiosks in Pubs and Inns

With public houses and bars finding it more and more difficult to make a profit in today’s tough economic climate, publicans are finding innovative new ideas and ways of getting the paying customers into the pubs and bars and keeping them there by laying on the creature comforts of home down at the local.  Pubs have been providing Sky sports channels and music for many years now but if you go into a pub today you’re quite likely to find free Internet access also.  Ideal if you have a web enabled phone or ipod.   Pubs have had various gaming platforms providing arcade action, quizzes and slot machines.  One of these new incentives is to provide entertainment by means of proving gaming consoles for customers to play on with their friends whilst enjoying a pint.

Gaming consoles including the Microsoft X-Box, Sony Playstation 3 and the Nintendo Wii have boomed in popularity in recent years. Worldwide, the games console industry in 2007 was about $41.9 billion. This number is expected to grow 9.1% annually to $48.9 in 2011, and it is thought that momentum is to grow still further, by 2015, analysts predict the global video game industry will reach $91 billion.  Console games are very much in the mainstream entertainment market and many of the game titles are well known brands in themselves.

However in the pub or bar environment, it isn’t advisable to have expensive consoles accessible for customers to use. Gaming consoles are designed for home use and are not a heavy-duty item that would withstand the knocks and bumps of a busy public environment. When people are drinking and enjoying themselves they might accidentally spill drinks on the console or scratch the gaming discs. As I am sure you will agree, it isn’t very practical to have a gaming console in a pub without a means of protecting the device from the knocks, bumps and spillages as described.

A kiosk has been designed with all of these issues in mind. The kiosk is strong and durable to protect the console from any little accidents that might happen in a public environment.

The kiosks are designed to not only protect the gaming consoles, but to also look attractive in their surrounding. The Xbox360 and Playstation 3 kiosk towers can accommodate two Playstations on two sides of a three sided kiosk tower where the third face of the kiosk tower is placed against a wall for space saving. Alternatively a three or four-sided xbox360 kiosk and PS3 kiosk tower can have a Playstation on each face for a stand-alone tower.  Two-sided kiosks are also available.

Obviously the main attraction for the customer is that they are able to gather at a local place and play pages together as a group and maybe try out new up and coming games. The benefit to the publican is that their pub or bar now has an attraction that their competitors might not yet have invested in yet, and so more customers visit to make use of the facilities. The venue also benefits because their customers are being entertained, which means that they will stay in the pub or bar longer, and of course whilst in the pub they are buying drink and possibly buying food.

Look for these freestanding interactive Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 console Kiosks equipped with flat-screen HD screens coming to a pub or bar near you. 

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