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Introducing ESTECOM ShadowSense™ Multi-Touch Monitors  

Estecom - Clearly the Innovator in FPD Solutions

Shadow Sense Mult-Touch Screen

NOW AVAILABLE: Shadow Sense™ E-Series Suite of Multi-Touch Monitors...

  • Delivers up to 4 touch points simultaneously
  • Ability to detect touch thickness using Tsense™
  • Response time less than 6ms
  • Calibration & Driver Free
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About Shadow Sense™ Technology

Shadow SenseE-Series touch screen integrates ESTECOM’s touch monitor technology and design tooling to create a cost effective Multi-touch solution. The product is specifically geared for industrial, high-usage applications that  find multi-touch functionality, display quality and reliability mission critical. The combined Baanto and ESTECOM solution offers revolutionary 2D and 3D optical tracking technology, highly accurate multi-touch performance with up to four simultaneous touch points, touch detection of objects as small as two millimeters in diameter and support for any type of input including finger, glove, credit card, pen and stylus. Delivers highly responsive and accurate multi-touch and gesture recognition at costs typically associated with single-touch solutions. Mechanical design is equivalent to systems designed for ELO Models 1739L, 1939L, 1938L, 2239L.

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