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Kits for Rapid Display System Prototyping

Digital View announces custom kits for display designers. Well known for innovation and excellent support services, Digital View is encouraging LCD display designers to achieve faster prototyping by shipping display design kits, tailored to designer’s specific project requirements. With a full range of LCD controller boards and OEM media players as well as many value-add accessories for every display system, designers can quickly assemble kits to build advanced video display products.

‘By designing a generic platform then essentially loading it with features and functions we enable display system designers to use our LCD controllers and OEM media players to build their display products fast’, comments James Henry, CEO of Digital View Hong Kong. ‘This means they can reduce development cost and be considerably quicker to market’.

Well known for customer care, support and commitment to it’s product lines, Digital View is sending a clear message to display designers of every kind of application that it is committed to providing the tools and support necessary for developers to achieve their project goals faster than ever. The impressive array of add-ons demonstrates Digital View’s commitment to innovative products in the digital display market place.

More information on Digital View’s LCD controllers and OEM media products are available on their website at

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