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LCD solutions providers and panel purchasing

Depending on the type of application, whether it be outdoor digital signage or industrial display screens, there are many important elements to making the right panel choice for your new, state of the art display.

If it's outdoor digital signage, there are, offcourse, the basic questions. Is the display large enough for the intended audience to view from the desired location? Is the panel sunlight readable (typically over 1000 nits) with low reflection? If it's an industrial display, is the panel wide format (16:10 opposed to 4:3). Is the lamp/LED light bar repleacable to enhance the products lifetime? Once these questions are answered and you've decided what manufacturer you'll purchase the displays from, there are still other important factors in your purchase.

What happens when the panel in your big-selling display is at the end of it's manufacturing life cycle and you're no longer able to purchase from your manufacturer? As most of us are aware, the big glass makers out there (LG, Samsung, AUO, NEC, Chimei among a few others) are developing new technology in their LCD screens at a feverish rate. Being so, this is just another inevitable element to be aware of in your purchasing decision. Be sure to have a handful of trustworthy suppliers that know where and how to find panels that have hit their EOL cycle. See the graph below to get an idea of a typical EOL notification.


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