New E-Leaflets Software for Telehealth Kiosks
Tuesday, July 6, 2010
Chris Sava

Kiosks4business, the Reading based manufacture of innovative touchscreen products for public services, is pleased to announce the launch of their latest module for their Information Point kiosks.  

Information point kiosks are touchscreen systems designed to be used in public spaces such as schools, hospitals, libraries and many others.  The information points provide safe and secure access to a range of services designed to assist and provide guidance for parents and youth on issues such as jobs, education and training, drugs and health and much more.  

Our new e-leaflet module can be added to the information point kiosk to provide your users with always up to date leaflets and other documents.  The touch screen e-leaflet module works in a similar way to an online shopping basket whereby users can view the document and touch a button to add it to their basket.  Once they have the various forms and other documentation of interest the user is requested to enter their email address.  The e-leaflet module then automatically creates one or more emails with the documents attached which is sent to the user.

Our new e-leaflet module is intuitive and can be branded to fit with your organization.  Leaflets can be organized by category and documents including pdf, word, xl and many others can be provided.  The e-leaflet module can provide leaflets in a number of different languages to satisfy the need to serve various nationalities.

The e-leaflet module is provided as a module within the information point touchscreen software and administration of the system is all done online.  Having entered your username and password you can then upload the leaflets and other documentation which you would like to be made accessible to your users.  Our real-time reporting system can provide you with a continuously updated record showing which documents have been accessed by your users.   

The e-leaflet module deals effectively with what appears as a visual overload of information presented to clients as they enter your building.  The leaflets are always up to date so no need to weed-out the old leaflets.

If you would like to find out more information about using our e-leaflets module please give us a call.

Company Information:
Kiosks4business design touch screen kiosks, touch screen kiosk software and digital signage products. Our products are designed to be easy to use, with stylish designs and intuitive software. Our touch screen kiosks are in use by many local councils providing information and support for parents, carers, local residents, tenants and others.

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