screen media news 8.19.2010
Thursday, August 19, 2010
Chris Sava

Digital Out of Home Companies Need to Embrace Their Media Side.
From Digital Signage Insights by (David Weinfeld)I wish that more digital out-of-home companies focused on the media end of the equation rather than the nuts and bolts of it all. The majority of DOOH networks fail to paint a picture of who they are, and why viewers should forge relationships with them. Embracing their role as media companies would give them the opportunity to build cross-channel conversations with consumers. If these companies continue to think of their viewers as just eyeballs, they will forever be looked at as nothing more than screens. Read the full article here.

Boutique Film Leverages Navori Digital Signage to Power Lcd Screens in the Swiss Alps.
Through strategic partnerships, Boutique Film has created the largest profitable digital signage booking platform in Switzerland. This approach offers simplicity for their clients and the opportunity to launch national and regional advertising campaigns quickly and efficiently. Networks of screens are strategically located so as to guarantee a viewing experience that is unique, both in quality and visibility. Video based ads offered on these screens are seen exclusively by the top echelons of society, who are predominantly high income earners and corporate decision makers. Read the full article here.

Caltron introduces new multizone digital signage player.
The MP-02Z’s multizone feature allows users to upload videos, pictures, RSS text, and date and time information. The complimentary CAT software that comes with the player allows users to schedule and manage files onto different zones, to remotely control the player through an Internet connection and to transfer content to networked players. Fullpress release here.

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