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screen media news 9.9.2010

RIM tries to patent billboards that adjust to roadside traffic Looks like our pals at Research In Motion are taking the company name literally this week -- they've got a pair of patent applications target ads to automobiles and pedestrians on the street by dynamically changing their information density. By taking a page out of Google's book and measuring the relative position of GPS-equipped phones (or using traditional sensors should that fail), RIM wants to create digital billboards that automatically add details the slower traffic gets. In one example, a "Road House Restaurant" could display only the name and exit number of the joint in giant letters when traffic moves quickly, but pitch that delectable pecan pie more thoroughly when it's stop and go -- but RIM's thinking a bit further than that, suggesting that when vehicles are particularly slow, you could pull out your phone and get a coupon by photographing a projected QR code. The future, ladies and gentlemen. Sourced from engadget.

Nex-Gen charging kiosks juicing up with digital signage. Baltimore, Md.-based NV3 Technologies displayed at this month’s KioskCom samples of its newest mobile device-charging kiosks. The units, like those of the company’s competitors, offer quick-charging for a range of phones and other portable devices. But the company’s NTC line of kiosks signals a shift in the charging kiosk business model. By incorporating touchscreens, digital signage and Internet connectivity, the kiosks are expanding the range of applications — and potential revenue sources — for this type of self-service kiosk. Read more at nv3tech.

GroupTabs Should Marry Digital Signage Given the time-sensitive nature of place-based deals on GroupTabs, digital signage would be a powerful promotional tool for driving social check-in behavior. Real-time deals could be announced on digital signage networks, providing an engaging call-to-action to promote more user check-ins and to drive venue traffic via social media channels. Location-based digital displays could act as deal countdown clocks, presenting live check-in stats as patrons moved closer to tipping a deal. Read more at

Google Spam Fighter Matt Cutts Weighs In On The “Death” Of SEO (Or Lack Thereof) Such a major change will impact the way people conduct their searches, and that will lead to repercussions for the search ecosystem. Steve Rubel says that it will make Search Engine Optimization (SEO) — the dark magic that helps websites appear higher in search results — totally irrelevant. NowMatt Cutts, the longtime Googler who is in charge of Google’s webspam team and often speaks publicly about SEO issues, has weighed in on how he thinks things will change. And change, they will. Read more at techcrunch.

Digital Signage- Where’s it going? What’s the state of the digital signage business today? And where’s it heading? Steve Gurley, senior VP of marketing and new market development at Symon Communications, tries to make sense of an often confusing sector…The industry as a whole is doing well. However, five years ago it was forecast that by 2010 the digital signage market would reach nearly $2bn in revenue. In reality, the industry is generating less than half of that. The current pool of digital signage manufacturers is finding that the smaller revenue pool is making the competition extremely intense. Hardware manufacturers and software developers are engaged in a fierce struggle to capture a piece of the smaller pie. As the competition has intensified, prices have come down. Read more at nv3tech.

gWallet Brings Offers To Mobile Apps; Partners With Ad Exchange Mobclix Online monetization platform gWallet, which offers social gaming developers a variety of ways to monetize their apps and boost engagement, is debuting a new mobile ad offering today. Mobile app developers can now integrate virtual currency offers within their apps. However, instead of signing up for Netflix or other offers that gWallet uses on its web platform; the mobile offers ask for users to download an app in exchange for earning virtual currency. Read more at techcrunch.

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