The Display Industry News Roundup for 7.26.2012
Thursday, July 26, 2012
Display Alliance in News Roundup

Image via 3D Focus

Volumetric 3D display based on a DLP projection prototyped "The prototype volumetric display has a resolution of 150 million voxels and is currently only able to display a monochrome image. However, it can display transparent 3D video and viewers can walk around an object to see different angles." via 3D Focus

Global display industry expected to recover in second half "So Hyun-chul, an analyst at Shinhan Investment Corp., said worldwide demand has contracted recently, but problems caused by over-supply are easing, with prices likely to remain steady or move up modestly in the second half." via The Korea Times

Apple Cannot Fulfill Demand for Apple MacBook Pro with Retina Screen "Given the fact that Apple can get enough Retina-class screens for its iPhone and iPad devices, it is hard to imagine that the company could not obtain enough 15" screens for its latest MacBook Pro. Still, given the fact that the new MBP adopts completely new system architecture with SSD storage, new type of display and new type of unibody case, manufacturing problems are likely to occur to the laptop." via Xbit Laboratories

Transparent LCD Screen that can track faces and change what the viewer sees

"The depth-sensing camera knows when you’re in front of the display, and it recognizes where in 3D space your face is. Then our software can interactively respond based on your face’s orientation." via Second Story

AUO plans to showcase large-size AMOLED panel samples by end of 2012 "AUO president Paul Peng said the AMOLED production process has been difficult but that the team developing the technology has been making breakthroughs. Peng further elaborated that the focal points for AMOLED are not solely its production process and product design, but also with upstream materials and downstream branding in order to give the technology the value it deserves." via DigiTimes

Those 27-inch IPS displays from Korea are for real "If you frequent our forums or other PC enthusiast-focused corners of the web, you may have heard the whispers about the new breed of monitors being sold in Korea under various brand names for astonishingly low prices. They sound almost too good to be true: expansive 27" displays at the formidable resolution of 2560x1440 selling for peanuts, between $300 and $400, well under half the price of a similar display from the likes of Dell." via The Tech Report

What Would You Do with a 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro? "The 13-inch non-Retina MacBook Pro has a screen that employs 1,280 x 800 as its native resolution. That’s workable for everyday stuff, but much too small if you’re working in apps like Logic Pro or Photoshop (or frankly even GarageBand). By contrast, the 13-inch MacBook Air employs a 1,440 x 900 native screen. Why not make that the default resolution on a 13-inch Retina Pro?" via Time Techland

Wristband input could be the future of gaming "The PC-focused company isn't currently planning any groundbreaking input products, but Newell speculated about "post-touch" systems that could use hand or even tongue motions and long outlast current touch interfaces, which he sees as "short-term."" via TheVerge

Glassless 3D comes to Corporate Events "Corporate Events are proud to introduce a striking innovation in the form of glassless 3D plasma screen technology for live events. Using the latest development in stereoscopic technology, amazing depth of field and focal range can be achieved, creating a compelling audience “pull” to the content display." via Corporate Events


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