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The Display Industry News Roundup for 8.13.2012

Sharp running out of options to save company as LCD sales slump "“Demand for LCD televisions in developed economies has been saturated while growth in emerging markets is slowing. Falling prices for LCDs is not going to stop,'' Kurahashi said. “The trouble with Sharp is that it cannot find a new cash cow ... It is an extremely difficult task to build a new mainstay business which can survive intensifying global competition.''" via The Australian 

Foxconn to resubmit its plan to buy Sharp stake to Taiwanese regulators "As part of the investment, both companies are forming a partnership to collaborate in various business fields to improve component production. The original deal would have given Foxconn half of the LCD panels manufactured at a key Sharp factory in Sakai, Japan, with both companies jointly running the facility." via IT World

Sharp May Issue Preferred Securities "Sharp is also mulling selling to Hon Hai some overseas factories producing liquid crystal display televisions, the sources said. Subject to the potential sale to the Taiwanese firm are believed to be TV assembly plants in Mexico, Poland, China and Malaysia." via Fox Business 

Constrained Supply Of New iPhones Projected; Disputed "And while acknowledging that there have been concerns over supply constraints for the new Apple phone’s display and casing, Mr. Moskowitz is quoted saying that J.P. Morgan’s Asia Tech team doesn’t anticipate any “major limitation or hurdle” inhibiting a strong year-end iPhone 5 marketing push, and that even assuming component supply issues, Apple should be able to produce 20 million units in the September quarter, and be able to ramp up 39 million iPhones in the December quarter." via The iPhone 5 News Blog 

Display Alliance is published by Mass Integrated, Inc., a global display distributor. Mass Integrated supplies display panels for Digital Signage, Industrial, Military, Medical, End-of-life, Projected Capacitive Touch (PCAP), Laptops, and more. Call for sourcing and purchasing: (978) 465-6190 ext. 585

Universal Avionics' equipment selected for important milestone in Turkish aviation history "The TAI HürkuĊŸ is primarily being built to meet the requirements of the Turkish Air Force Command (TAF). Universal Avionics will deliver two RCU units and two EFI-890R Flat Panel Displays to be used as Primary Flight Displays (PFD) in each cockpit." via Skies Mag 

Corning And Samsung Shift Manufacturing Capacity From Korea To China "The move to set up a plant in China was driven by the anticipated growth in the LCD TV industry in the country over the long term and the advantages that accrue from local sourcing. At present, China’s LCD TV end market constitutes more than 20% of the worldwide market, and this number is expected to rise in the future." via Trefis

Coherent boosted by flat-panel display bookings "Coherent, one of the world’s leading laser vendors, says that it now has a record order backlog, thanks in large part to booming demand for excimer systems from makers of LCD and active-matrix OLED (AMOLED) displays." via

An eco-friendly LCD that doesn't cheat on performance "If you're serious about saving money on energy -- and helping to preserve the environment -- the 22-inch EA223WM-BK display from NEC Display Solutions is worth a look. This is a good LCD that uses LEDs for backlight -- and somehow draws in almost no power." via Government Computer News

Taiwan’s Optoelectronics Makers Most Willing to Expand Cooperation With Japanese Counterparts: MOEA Survey "A survey conducted by the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) showed that 6.38% of domestic manufactures polled, especially larger ones, would move to expand their business cooperation with Japanese enterprises in the coming year, particularly on the joint development of optoelectronics materials and components." via CENS

InterDigital Signs Wistron to Worldwide Patent License Agreement Which Includes 4G "The agreement covers various products, including handsets, wireless modules, computers, tablets and other consumer electronic devices, designed to operate in accordance with 2G, 3G, and 4G wireless standards, including LTE and LTE-Advanced." via MarketWatch

eMagin Announces Record Second Quarter 2012 Revenues "“We captured the highest level of new business bookings ever, which drove our backlog to new highs. This performance, demonstrates the strong demand for our displays, from our new digital VGA to our latest HD WUXGA. These microdisplays are used in a wide range of products from portable viewers and thermal weapons sights to military and personal headsets." via GNT

Himax Technologies, Inc. Provides Third Quarter 2012 Financial Guidance ""We also expect solid demand for several other products, including our driver ICs for large-panels in China; new product segments such as automotive, tablets and notebooks for our small and medium-sized driver ICs; and our fast-growing touch panel controllers in the non-driver product line. These product demands will produce noteworthy shipments in the second half of this year. We are also shifting the focus of our LCOS microdisplay business to a new application, head-mounted display."" via Globe Newswire

Calibrate grain yield monitors before harvest begins in earnest "Since we are on the edge of what could be a great harvest season for you, I would like to take a little time and give you some information on the importance of yield monitor calibration. For those of you are engaged in precision agriculture techniques on your farm or you consult for/with those who do, a yield monitor is an important tool for evaluating production practices such as precision soil sampling, variety evaluation, variable-rate seeding, variable-rate nitrogen, etc." via

OLEDs and Swords "As semi-conductor makers are aware, softly whispering the word alkali in the fab can put enough sodium in the product to kill production. It was a parts per billion chemistry issue (with a phosphor poison) that originally put Westinghouse, the inventor of the active matrix LCD, out of the TV business." via Flat Panel Display Blog

How to Use Your Android Tablet as a Secondary Display "On a slower or congested wireless network connection, you'll notice lag when dragging windows to and from the tablet's screen, and video playback will most likely drop frames. A few applications may not render properly either, but we had an issue only with Internet Explorer 9. Other browsers worked fine." via PCWorld

HP 2311xi IPS Monitor "With a street price of $200, HP is aiming directly at value priced TN displays that have ruled the low-end of the LCD market for years. We finally might be starting to move to better panels, as the price of IPS continues to come down." via AnandTech

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