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The Display Industry News Roundup for 8.22.2012

Sharp looking to sell factories in China, Mexico "The Japanese company could sell the plants to Hon Hai or Sharp Display Products which is jointly owned by Hon Hai and Sharp, the source said, adding that both options would affect headcount at Sharp." via ZDNet

CMI sees increased panel orders for use in smartphones and tablet PCs "The sources said CMI has secured orders for panels used in low- to high-end smartphones and tablet PCs throughout the third quarter, most of which are from China-based handset and tablet PC makers as China is currently the largest mobile phone market in the world." via DigiTimes

E Ink acquisition of SiPix is for prevention of price wars instead of obtaining capacity "Taiwan-based EPD (electrophoretic display) maker E Ink Holdings (EIH) will acquire a 100% stake in fellow EPD player SiPix Technology for a total price of up to NT$1.5 billion (US$50 million), and EIH's motivation of the acquisition is to remove the only EPD competitor to avoid price-cut wars rather than to obtain SiPix's production capacity, according to industry sources in Taiwan." via DigiTimes

Panel Suppliers Cut Capacity To Prevent Heavy Oversupply "How will change in the demand forecast and supply expansion plan impact supply demand balance?" via iSuppli

Display Alliance is published by Mass Integrated, Inc., a global display distributor. Mass Integrated supplies display panels for Digital Signage, Industrial, Military, Medical, End-of-life, Projected Capacitive Touch (PCAP), Laptops, and more. Call for sourcing and purchasing: (978) 465-6190 ext. 585 or email

Chipbond 3Q12 sales driven by demand for small-size panel driver ICs "Chpbond reportedly has secured high-volume orders demanding 12-inch bumping capacity from Renesas Electronics, which reportedly will supply LCD driver ICs used in Apple's upcoming iPhones, the watchers observed. The orders placed by Renesas will play a sales growth driver for the packaging and testing house in the third quarter, the watchers said." via DigiTimes

AUO to display new high-end products at Touch Taiwan "AUO will also display one glass solution (OGS) touch screen panels sized from 4.7-27-inch as well as ultra high-resolution smartphone panels. The company's next generation AMOLED panels will be on display as well." via DigiTimes

Aixtron delivers a flexible organic electronics production system to a major Asian customer "Aixtron wouldn't say who's the customer or what will be produced on the equipment, but they do say that the customer will be able to develop new applications including "flexible flat panel displays with benefits such as lightweight, ruggedness, low power consumption, color brightness, and superior legibility"." via OLED-Info

Display Technology, Connecting to the Future! Chimei Innolux Presents LCD Panels with High Resolution and Green Power "himei Innolux Corporation (CMI) will be exhibiting their TFT-LCD displays and technologies focused on high resolution and green power features as part of their theme of “Display Technology, Connecting to the Future” at the International Touch Panel and Optical Film Exhibition 2012 at Taipei World Trade Center Nangang Exhibition Hall from August 29 to 31." via Chimei Innolux

LCDs and American Manufacturing "Given the cost of a standard LCD fab at upwards of $4 billion, it is not that the process is dependent on wage rates and naturally suited to low wage countries. It is also not that there hasn't been efforts to make displays in the US; plenty venture capital has been spent on developing new technologies. However, it takes a lot either to bring a new display technology to market and even to survive in what can be a tough business." via Flat Panel Display Blog

LED Monitor delivers brightness rating of 1,400 nits "With a brightness rating of 1400 nits, the HBT-1904O is great for almost any application that requires a larger size monitor with a sunlight readable screen. This monitor also has touch options available, in both, resistive or surface acoustic wave. " via ThomasNet

NEC Display Solutions Expands Showcase Events for Customers and Partners "...said Ashley Flaska, Vice President of Marketing at NEC Display Solutions. “The events present an ideal opportunity for our partners, customers and prospects to learn about new NEC products and services as well as glean trends from experts in the industry.”" via Virtual-Strategy Magazine

NANOMARKETS ANNOUNCES UPCOMING REPORT ON OPTICALLY FUNCTIONAL FILMS COMING IN SEPTEMBER OF 2012 "This new report from NanoMarkets focuses on how opportunities for optically functional films will emerge within the changing display sector. The report shows how value is being created in the optical films market by enhancing the performance of displays, and how manufacturers of these products may be able to capitalize of the trend toward increasing adoption of OLEDs and e-paper displays in mainstream displays." via Melodika

16 Misleading Display Specs and What They Really Mean "Just because a manufacturer lists "technical specifications" doesn't mean those numbers are true—very often it's marketing dressed up as science. Dr. Raymond Soneira of DisplayMate Technologies breaks down some commonly misleading specs so you don't get fooled by the lies." via Gizmodo

BlackBerry 10 Powered Devices Will Be Able To Support 3D Display Technology "This is the “Dev Alpha device” that the company had been touting for some time, and it appears as if this will be RIM’s first-ever HD touchscreen phone. And that’s not all – the blog added that even those anachronistic BlackBerries with portrait-orientation QWERTY keyboards will come with 720 x 720 HD support." via Eastern Morning Herald

Latest deals from China - from $90 1920x1200 screens to 110-inch 4K displays "Enter China: even as a simple customer in one of Shenzhen's or Dongguan's electronics markets, you'll have a more interesting choice of some products that seemingly never reach our shores, yet solve this monitor resolution and productivity problems without tearing the wallets apart. Here's a good example: Tanpo is an absolutely unknown brand here, but up there they have something called P17EYM, a lovely, compact 1 kg-class slim 17-inch LED monitor with 1920x1200 resolution and, of course, the 16:10 ratio." via VR-Zone

Breakthrough of Domestic Television Liquid Crystal Display Panel Industry by BOE, Hefei "The Sixth Generation Line of Hefei BOE Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. is the first advanced liquid crystal product line in China and has become a leading strategic emerging industry in Anhui. " via Anhui News

The iPhone 5 bottleneck of in-cell touchscreens -- Can Sharp, LG, and Japan Display meet demand? "The capacity of each panel maker (LGD, JDI, Sharp) is estimated at around 7 million units of the touchscreens per month, with an initial yield ratio around 80%. Expect an additional yield loss of about 10-20% at the final assembly process. Given this, Barclays estimates iPhone 5 production could reach around 15 million units in Q3 and 45 million units in Q4. " via Solid State Technology

Panasonic intros new LCDs to Europe "New entrants to Panasonic's large format display family, Panasonic said the TH-70LF50 and TH-80LF50 are the world's thinnest displays over 70 inches, with a depth of only 89 millimeters." via Digital Signage Today

AUO seeks solar module partners to counter tariffs "AU Optronics, which is diversifying its business from LCD panel manufacturing to the solar sector, is inviting solar module brands and power plant operators to forge strategic partnerships to supply solar modules made in its factory in Brno, Czech Republic." via Taipei Times

Press Release: NEC launches MultiSync X401S super slim public display "NEC Display Solutions has unveiled the MultiSync X401S, a 40-inch LCD public display that combines efficiency - thanks to its Edge LED backlight - with elegance due to the super-slim and light design." via Meed

New Touchscreen Thermal Cycler Makes PCR Setup Quick and Easy "The new Bioer LifeTouch™ 96-well gradient thermal cycler, from Alpha Laboratories Ltd, has a clear, 6.5" full colour, Touchscreen menu and display. Combined with its powerful and intuitive programming this enables easy PCR set up in just a few seconds." via Labmate Online

CCS-Inc. Releases New Panel PC, the Seppala-T New Cost-Effective Alternative for Industrial Settings " Available in 10-, 12-, and 15-inch models, this rugged computer has a touchscreen display built on Intel® Atom™ technology." via Virtual-Strategy Magazine

Integrated HMI and PLC "The integration of a human machine interface (HMI) and programmable logic controller (PLC) provides a lean automation solution. ...For OEMs and control engineers alike, this means it is easier to build smaller, smarter machines faster—freeing both OEMs and engineers from having to use controllers and equipment simply because of a familiarity and a prohibitive cost to change." via InTech

Touchy Subject: Touchscreen Technologies 101 "For integrators not playing in the interactive space, it can be rather confusing to know why or when to specify one product over another. Without further ado, here is a quick look at the types of touchscreen technology available." via Commercial Alligator

Info Retail Captures Customer Attention with LG Digital Signage "According to the company, the LG monitors are designed for constant operation and mount easily, which is what Info Retail needed to fit the customer experience." via Digital Signage Connection

4K, 84-inch 'ultra' HDTV from LG is ready to start shipping now in Korea, worldwide next month "The 84LM9600 does 3D with LG's Cinema 3D passive glasses technology, however its ultra high pixel count means you're still watching in 1080p even with the resolution loss since it starts at 3,840 x 2,160, and also features "3D sound" with integrated 2.2 channel speakers." via engadget

Small LCD Panel Patterns Persist "Perhaps the real reason so much has been written about small panel demand recently is the capacity allocation shift underway among display makers. HannStar Display (HSD) is a prime example. In January, 2008 that producer reported no small panel shipments. A year later, 72% of HSD’s shipments were small panels. " via Display Central

Matrox Multi Display Solutions to Drive Broadcast, Post-Production, and Digital Signage Platforms at IBC 2012 "Also at the Matrox booth, the DualHead2Go Digital ME will yield a cost-effective multi-monitor platform for more-effective multitasking across two 23″ high-resolution DVI monitors. Connecting to the Mini DisplayPort or Thunderbolt output of a Mac notebook, the DualHead2Go Digital ME is must-have productivity-enhancing gear for video editors and design artists in any content-creation or multimedia capacity." via Display Central

Sharp Adds 13 Industrial Strength LCD Modules to its All LED-backlit Line-up "Sharp Microelectronics of the Americas (SMA) announced 13 additions to its LED-backlit line of Industrial Strength TFT LCD modules, as well as its completed transition to an all-LED backlit line-up. The new panels range in size from 3.7-inch to 19.0-inch diagonal, filling in a number of popular diagonal size classes with more options and features." via Sharp

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