The Display Industry News Roundup For 8.29.2012
Wednesday, August 29, 2012
Display Alliance in News Roundup

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Engineering: The Race Against Mediocrity (Interview) "Our main drive as engineers and designers is to create compelling products that change the world. We hate mediocrity. The display industry is exploding as we endeavor to create new human machine interfaces. How can we design a display in a product to work better, faster, smaller, thinner, or lighter?" via Display Alliance

Sony launch event at IFA 2012 "...the Tablet S is rumoured to come with a very thin profile, but will keep the 9.4-inch display. ...On the other hand, there are four smartphones that have been leaked in past few weeks and they also might show their faces at this press event." via NDTV

LG introduces a new Optimus with the Optimus L9 "The largest-in-class 4.7-inch IPS display of the Optimus L9 offers clear and true-to-life images with incredible detail for comfortable viewing experience. " via Akihabara News

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Demystifying Touchscreen Technology "G2 and in-cell are two opposing approaches to constructing touchscreens, and there is an on-going battle in the mobile industry about which of those two ways will become prevalent in the future. Allow me to explain." via The Verge

CMI to showcase 5-inch Full HD panel module with 443ppi "The panel is regarded as a major breakthrough for CMI. The company reportedly has been working on the panel to meet increasing consumer demand as well as to stay competitive in the market, commented market watchers." via DigiTimes

LCD driver IC designers look to 5-15% revenue growth in 3Q12 "Novatek and Orise will ship more high-end driver ICs supporting WVGA, qHD and HD720 displays to the tablet PC and smartphone sectors in China, pushing their revenues to grow 10-15% in the third quarter, the sources estimated." via DigiTimes

Your Tablet and Smartphone Could Be Ruining Your Sleep "One group looked at devices with blue LED-lit goggles, which is known to reduce melatonin production; another group was outfitted with orange goggles that filtered out the melatonin-killing light; and the third group wore no goggles at all. The folks at LRC hope that this research can both inspire and guide display manufacturers in developing more circadian-friendly products." via Hot Hardware

Sharp to Cut 2,000 Jobs in Japan, 6 Percent of Local Workforce "The company, which has been hurt by falling prices of LCD panels and TVs, said in March it had reached an agreement to sell a 10 percent stake in itself to Taiwan's Foxconn Technology Group." via PC World

PHILIPS DISCONTINUES CINEMA 21:9 TVS, NO NEW MODELS COMING "“Unfortunately the demand for this screen size is not any more on par with what we regard as basic requirement for mass production. This might change in the future, but for now we have decided not to come with new 21:9 models. However, we see larger screen sizes (50”+) becoming more important,” Philips says to FlatpanelsHD." via FlatPanelsHD

Touch Taiwan to showcase latest panel and optical film technology in the industry "Touch Taiwan is set to open August 29 with as many as 290 vendors and 700 different booths displaying the latest and greatest technology in the panel and optical film industries." via DigiTimes

Light-emitting diode panels produce even brightness in large areas "OLEDs are highly efficient phosphorescent sources. In contrast to LEDs, which are high-intensity point sources, OLEDs provide an inherently diffuse light of high quality and with high color rendering index (CRI) that is naturally adapted to large-area lighting needs. ...For broad commercial success, however, key technical challenges related to the fabrication and optimization of large-area OLED light panels must be solved." via SPIE

Samsung found guilty of infringing Apple's patents, get a $1 billion fine and possible device bans "Some fear that this may lead to a blow on the OLED market as well - where Android based devices (mostly made by Samsung) are the main clients of OLED displays currently. On the other hand, this may force Samsung (and other companies) to show new innovations, which perhaps may lead to faster adoption of new technologies including next-gen OLED panels (such as flexible or transparent ones)." via OLED-Info

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