The Display Industry News Roundup For 8.30.2012
Wednesday, August 29, 2012
Display Alliance in News Roundup

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Top 5 HUDs in modern cars today "In automotive tech, the idea of a head-up display (or HUD) is one that should be fully realised by now. ...Jet fighters have used HUDs for years, and holographic technology can now make the deceased rapper Tupac appear at a concert, so why not add HUDs to cars?" via TechRadar

Notebook and All-in-One PCs Driving Touch Screen Growth "Touch penetration is forecast to increase dramatically in larger size (>10”) devices, such as convertible/hybrid notebook PCs. Several Ultrabook™ mobile PCs (promoted by Intel) will adopt touch screens by the end of this year." via DisplaySearch

12 Digital Signage Terms to Be Familiar With "Pixel Pitch - the distance from the center of one pixel to the center of the adjacent pixel. This is equivalent to a display’s resolution and is commonly measured in millimeters. The larger this number is the more spacing there is between pixels which result in a lower resolution. The lower this number is, the more tightly the pixels are packed together resulting in a higher resolution." via Adaptive Display Blog

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Medium & Small-panel Drivers Exceed Large-panel for First Time in 2012 "This report reviews the status of suppliers, end-equipment applications, and driver IC technologies in this very large-volume logic IC semiconductor segment. " via iSuppli

Oslo digital signage wall the 'largest optically enhanced LCD video wall in Europe' "The brand new G-Wall installed in Oslo covers an area of nearly 60 square meters and is made up of 100 46-inch LCD TFT bonded displays operating as a single unit, the company said. The narrow bezels between the screens makes for a seamless view from long distance and for fast reading without interruptions." via Digital Signage Today

Next-Generation Display Technologies "Until now, LCDs and OLEDs have been fabricated on discrete rectangular sheets of glass that are processed in batches. Roll-to-roll production, even for just a handful of manufacturing steps, could be much faster and more efficient, driving production costs down." via IEEE

DisplaySearch Sees Big Oversupply in Touch Panels This Year "This year’s oversupply "will force touch suppliers to reduce prices and look for large-size applications to fill the capacity," Colegrove said. Colegrove said she couldn't speculate on the implications of tablet or mobile phone pricing, when we asked her if consumers could reap price savings from the oversupply. " via Consumer Electronics Daily

AU Optronics Uses Aqueduct Maps To Assess Water Risk "While billions of people around the world use electronic devices every day, few realize how important water is to the business of manufacturing digital displays. Companies like AUO rely heavily on large quantities of ultra-pure water for rinsing and cooling during panel manufacturing, and they work with a wide range of chemicals that require proper treatment and discharge." via WRIInsights

Chimei Innolux to undergo name change "Chimei Innolux Corp. (Chimei Innolux, 奇美電子股份有限公司) announced yesterday that the company will change its name and remove “Chimei” from its title to avoid confusion over the products of the company and its shareholder Chi Mei Corporation (奇美實業股份有限公司). This action has sparked speculation that Chi Mei Corp. might dispose of its 17-percent stake in Chimei Innolux." via The China Post

Touchscreen Transactions Are So Money At This Bank Of The Future "Santander's remaining interactive displays include life-cycle simulators that guide users through financial needs for home purchase, education, marriage, and other life phases. Unlike conventional touchscreen displays at retail spaces, however, the bank's panels are biometrically enabled. Instead of manually entering numbers, figures, and names, Santander customers can put their hands on the giant touchscreen and instantly generate long-term savings and investment plans." via Fast Company

Microsoft patents an advanced multi-touch stylus called "ePen" "the ePen comes with touch sensors, as well as a gyroscope, compass, accelerometers, and other sensors. The ePen can even let you adjust the ink colors based on how you angle the pen and even turn it into an eraser by using a certain grip." via Winbeta

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