The Display Industry News Roundup For 9.10.2012
Monday, September 10, 2012
Display Alliance in News Roundup

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Oppo Find 5 to Feature 5-inch 1080p Display with Crazy High Pixel Density "After the launched of the world’s thinnest smartphone Oppo Finder, the company is preparing a 5-inch phablet device with a 1920 x 1080 pixels display, and an amazing 441ppi pixel density, which is higher than anything else on the market (iPhone 4S’ retina display has only 326ppi). " via M.I.C Gadget

Sony sold over 15,000 professional OLED monitors "Sony also announced a new OLED monitor, the PVM-741 - a direct replacement to the older PVM-740. The PVM-741 sports a Sony-made 7.4" 960x540 OLED panel and adds several features to the older model (new vector scope and waveform zoom functions, a new color focus function and more)." via OLED-Info

eMagin's new SNU OLED deposition machine achieved automated operation "eMagin's older Satella machine will continue to used - mostly for R&D of next-gen microdisplays. The new machine has more up time, reduced maintenance, improved consistency, higher overall quality, greater speed of production and higher yield." via OLED-Info

Improving medical imaging with direct radiography "To maintain superior image resolution, the X-ray flat panel detector is placed in direct contact with the patient’s body. Human skin starts to suffer burns at temperatures as low as 40°C (100°F). Therefore, the exterior of any medical device that could potentially come in contact with skin must stay below this limit. Thus, high operating efficiency and the ability to spread the heat that is generated over a wide area is critical in multiple areas: sensor lifetime, image clarity and patient safety." via EE Times

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Rant: Your Digital OOH Network Probably Sucks "Then put yourself in the viewpoint of the consumers you’ll be trying to reach with your programming. What can they see and actually read from where they will pass or dwell? How much could they absorb at a given time? How long would they watch? And the big one: what is it on there that would make the screen worth watching?" via Sixteen:Nine

The smartphone display redefined: PureMotion HD+ "PureMotion HD+ uses an IPS type LCD display that is also given a higher voltage difference when changing states to produce a clean transition from frame to frame, even when operating at top speeds. This allows the display to deliver a steady 60FPS without any blurring." via Nokia

New Book on OLED Display Fundamentals and Applications "Research and Markets has reported that John Wiley and Sons have released a new book titled "OLED Display Fundamentals and Applications- Wiley Series in Display Technology". This book includes comprehensive factors needed for the design and production of OLED displays." via Azooptics

Apple’s new products will keep the display supply chain busy for the rest of 2012 "Apple has been investing in Asia’s LCD supply chain, according to Hsieh, specifically giving down payments to LCD panel makers for “strategic supply agreements.” Apple’s business is a “dual-edged blade,” but suppliers cannot ignore a company with such engaging product launches." via 9to5Mac

Organic Field Effect Transistors (OFETs) "Previously, this market was more considered as a laboratory curiosity or probably a future technology with no clear direction towards commercialization. For a number of years, the performance, particularly the mobility of the organic materials in these devices is very low to help approach widespread adoption in organic electronics and the production methods were tougher and more expensive that thought initially." via Azom

Product Change Notification "Sharp is discontinuing the following LCD modules, with no replacements: LQ065T9DZ03B, LQ035Q7DB06, LQ035Q7DH06" via Sharp and Sharp

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