The Display Industry News Roundup For 9.11.2012
Tuesday, September 11, 2012
Display Alliance in News Roundup

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On behalf of Display Alliance I wanted to pause before the roundup and remember the victims and families affected on September 11th, 2001. --Jason, Managing Editor

TV Makers Hoping Larger Screens and Enhanced Features Will Reverse Ongoing Shipment Decline "...noted Paul Gagnon, Director, North American TV Research for NPD DisplaySearch. "Emerging markets have also been affected by softer shipment growth recently, related to a rapid decline in demand for CRT TVs and to less price erosion in flat panels. Despite this, the growth in demand for larger screen sizes and the increasing feature mix is cause for optimism."" via HotHardware

Samsung To Start Flexible AMOLED Display Production in November? "It is interesting to note that the report claims Samsung will produce a 5.5-inch flexible AMOLED panel and will be used in the improved version of Galaxy Note II." via Sammy Hub

Hype and Hope: Test Driving Google's New Glasses "I had the opportunity to test-drive the eyewwear on Monday with Google Inc. co-founder Sergey Brin at the company's New York office. The glasses are one of the projects Mr. Brin is overseeing as the head of Google X, a research lab for the Internet search giant." via The Wall Street Journal

Troubled Japanese OEMs Drive Outsourced LCD TVs Against In-House Production "As the LCD TV industry continues to mature, OEMs will be forced to reconsider internal expansion plans and increasingly resort instead to outsourcing strategies in order to remain profitable. As a result, the rate of outsourced manufacturing will continue to climb in the next few years, reaching 43.7 percent by 2016. In-house manufacturing will account for the remaining 56.3 percent, down from 64.6 percent in 2011." via iSuppli

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Black and White E-readers are Here to Stay "Consumer’s preference for color is natural and overwhelming. They were unanimously willing to give up 30% of battery life to get color in notebooks. Perhaps they were willing to give even more. However, the power advantage of the paper-white display is much more than that. " via Flat Panel Display Blog

Sony Focuses on 3D in Medicine "One area of focus – surgery. To support this effort, it has just released the MCC-3000MT, which is designed to interface to the binocular optics of a surgical microscope." via Display Central

New Color Brightness Specification Benefits Home Theater Industry "Given the demand for vibrant color and the explosion in high-definition and 3D content in today’s home theater market, a standardized color brightness specification could not have come at a better time." via Display Central

A Technical Look At Amazon Kindle's Paperwhite Display "Amazon has not revealed exactly how (because it is patented) but broadly speaking it works by using a light guide layer that is located underneath the anti-glare layer. The LEDs (light emitting diodes) are placed at one of the edges and light is then guided out on the light guide layer and down from the top into the e-paper display with the use of a light diffuser. " via Flat Panels HD

Is 3D the next big thing In Digital Signage? "For now, I think it means that 3D is relegated to the "Land of Big Budgets" — companies with the resources to invest in top quality 3D development and deploy on a scale to make the investment reasonable. That's not necessarily a bad thing because the special "Wow!" factor that 3D can deliver is dependent on novelty. " via Digital Signage Today

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Demystifying 3D for digital signage "However, to get the most out of what autostereo has to offer, developers need to be trained on elements of glasses-free 3D creative direction, new 3D composing tools and autostereo 3D, or AS3D, workflow from qualified professionals with experience using these platforms. " via Digital Signage Today

TTP brings clear vision to augmented reality glasses ""Current head-mounted AR technologies have a number of drawbacks including flat or darkened lenses, large cumbersome frames and partially or totally obscured fields of view," said Dr Roger Clarke at TTP, one of Europe's leading independent technology and product development companies. "Our new technology overcomes all of these issues using simple LED based optics and completely transparent, curved lenses that opens up a wide range of exciting applications for the emerging AR market." " via

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