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146-inch 3D 4K 4K2K 8K ACEP Amazon AMOLED AMS767KC04-1 Anti-reflective Apple Apple Watch AR AUO Automotive Automotive Displays Avionic Avionics Backlight Belkin Blue phase LCD Blue TADF Blue Wave Semiconductor Blue Wave Semiconductors BOE burn-in Buyer Capacitive touch CCFL CES CGS children China Circular LCD Clothing OLED CMI Corning CRT Curved CYNORA D33 Digital signage Display Dynamic Range E Ink EE Ink Eink Electrofluidic imaging Electronics Electrowetting End-of-life EOL notice E-paper Fingerprint sensor Flexable Flexible Flexible display Flexible OLED Flexi-LCD Force Touch Foxconn Foxconn Technology Group Gesture recognition Glossy displays Google Glass Gorilla Glass Graphene HannStar haptic Haptography HD Head-mounted display Heads up display High End Panels HKC Holograph Hot Offer Huawei Human Machine Interface Hybrid IGZO In-cell touch Industrial display InFocus Infrared Innolux Interactive iPad iPhone iPhone X IPS ITO ITRI Japan Japan Display Jasper Display JBD JOLED Kindle large-size LCD LCD LCD iPhone LCD Prices LED LG LTPS Market Mate 20 Medical Merck Meural Micro LED Microdisplay MicroLED Micro-LED Micro-LED TV microsoft Military Military displays Mini LED Monochromatic Multitouch Nano Cell Technology nanoplatelets Nanowire Netgear News Roundup Nubia OFET OLED Organic Semiconductors Panasonic Paperwhite Patents PCAP Philips PHOLED Phone Photocentric Pixels Plasma Plastic Logic PlayNitride Plessey Polarizer POLED POS Screen Projected capacitive Projector QLED Quantum Dot Quantum dots Quantum Materials Corp Recycling Rugged display Samsung Sanan Optoelectronics Sapphire Seren Sharp SID SmartKen smartphones Smartwatch Solar Solar-Tectic Sony South Korea Stereoscopy Stocks Substrate Sunlight readable Tactile Taiwan Tariff TCL Technology TFT Tianma TN Total Reclaim touch Touchscreen Trade War Transparent TV ultra-fine pitch Ultra-High Resolution Ultrastable Films unbreakable undefined US Veeco Video wall Virtual Reality Visionox VR Vuzix Wearable XTPL

The Display Industry News Roundup For 9.13.2012

Image via Sixteen:Nine

iPhone 5 With 4" Retina Display "The display is still based on IPS LCD technology with LED backlight. However, the screen format has been changed to 16:9 and the display is now 4 inches in diagonal. ...Apple has used a so-called in-cell touch technology (Apple calls it integrated touch). In-cell is – as the name implies – a method of moving the touch sensors into the screen instead of being located on a layer outside the screen. This should give a boost to brightness levels as more light can pass through easier. " via Flat Panels HD

Microsoft files patent to bring Star Trek's 'Holodeck' to future Xbox consoles "In these images, revealed by a patent application published last month, Microsoft unveiled its vision for its future game consoles - but instead of watching the action through a typical computer monitor or TV, your walls come alive with the action." via Daily Mail

Faster 4Kx2K, Slower AMOLED TV? "Compared to AMOLED TV panels, 4Kx2K panel manufacturing is relatively easy because smaller pixels are the only change. Oxide TFT technology is recognized as the best approach for high resolution due to faster electron mobility, but some panel makers like AUO and Chimei Innolux have implemented conventional a-Si process for 4Kx2K panels." via DisplaySearch Blog

Touchable Light Field 3D Display Described "Researchers Yifan Peng and colleagues from the State Key Laboratory of Modern Optical Instrumentation are presenting a method to create touchable LightField 3D displays based on spliced multi-LCDs (Liquid Crystal Displays). According to the authors, the new technique can achieve in “touchable floating 3D scenes with correct occlusion, high image resolution, and a large continuous viewing angular range”." via Display Central

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My Take on the iPhone 5 "As a branding focus, the emphasis is shifting away from the display until some other aspect of the display becomes a marketing focus, a common event in the TV world where one season it is brightness, the next contrast, and so on." via Flat Panel Display Blog

Analysis of Biocular Images Using 3D Glasses and Zemax: A Plausible Approach "This article highlights the use of the “Image Simulation” tool and its application to realistically simulating and visualizing images formed by bioculars as seen simultaneously through both human eyes. " via Radiant Zemax

How to Use Imaging Colorimeters for FPD Automated Optical Inspection "In many production environments, this is now the preferred testing method to not only identify display defects, but also classify the cause of the defect." via Radiant Zemax

Technology alliance formed for glass and brittle materials processing "Filament cutting thus enables a higher quality, throughput and yield in the production of touchscreen displays for smart phones and tablet PCs. Further areas of application include Si, SiC, and GaAs at very high speeds." via SolidState Technology

FlexTech Alliance 2013 Flexible Electronics & Displays Conference Call for Papers "“The FlexTech Alliance is the leading organization worldwide supporting and promoting flexible electronics, and the Flex Conference is the leading event in the field,” said Paul Semenza, Senior Vice President, Analyst Services at DisplaySearch. “The range of topics presented at the conference reflects the expanding applications for flexible electronics and the technology being developed to bring products to market. “ ...The deadline for submission is September 22, 2012. " via FlexTech Alliance

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Ostendo Technologies Awarded $58.3M Contract to Develop Holographic 3D Displays "Ostendo’s proprietary Quantum Photonic Imager (QPI) device with its low power, very high resolution, brightness and fast response time enables a very high angular density full parallax light field display that promises to meet or exceed all the SHO program requirements. Ostendo will deliver the final prototype system to the Air Force by July 2016. " via Defence Professionals

VW’s Interactive Digital Domination In Berlin "The entire south entrance of the S-bahn train station is covered and equipped with campaign motifs. A massive LED sits on a wall inside the station street-level canopy. On the outside scaffolding, there are eight 46″ touchscreens with built-in cameras." via Sixteen:Nine

Spincast solution-based ITO could enable cheaper display manufacturing "Brown University developed a simpler, cheaper, solution-based manufacturing process for indium tin oxide (ITO) conductive films used in displays and solar cell manufacturing. ...The ITO offers high enough performance for applications in resistive touch screens, said Jonghun Lee, a Brown chemistry graduate student. The films allow 93% of light to pass through, deposited at 146nm thick. Their transparency is comparable to the glass substrate." via SolidState Technology

Panasonic re-organizes to put more focus on OLED displays "[Panasonic and Sony] have quite different technologies - Panasonic with its P-OLED and printing processes and Sony with small-molecules and VTE. It is claimed that Sony will mostly supply capital for Panasonic, and not technology. Sony's own OLED technology will be used though by Japan Display to make small sized panels." via OLED-Info

New process creates infrared LEDs using quantum dots "The ingredients in Sun’s formula are among the tiniest on earth: quantum dots (also known as nanocrystals) in solution. Quantum dots are a new material in nanoscience: tiny particles of a semiconductor — in Sun’s case lead sulfide — that emit photons, which are visible to infrared cameras as light when excited." via Bowling Green State University

Data Modul – High-contrast LCD displays for automotive and industrial applications "Data Modul has announced its vertical alignment (VA) LCD technology makes it possible to realize monochrome liquid crystal display modules with high contrast ratios, with the displays background becoming a deep black colour. This deep black background can be paired with white as well as any other backlight colour, as e.g. red, green, blue, amber, etc." via Electropages

Sunglass-like displays become a reality with free-form optical technology "Such a display will make access to wireless networks, video displays, 3D content, and location-specific information easier than ever. It also has the potential to revolutionize many fields. One example is in medicine, where AR technology may let physicians see 3D anatomical structures or computed tomography images superimposed onto the patient's abdomen during surgery." via SPIE

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