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Tuesday, October 11, 2011
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Kyocera debuts "New Sensation Touch Panel" at CEATEC Japan 2011 - "Kyocera Corp developed a touch panel that gives the user a feeling of pressing a button and exhibited it at CEATEC Japan 2011." Kyocera "prototyped a device like a smartphone by using the new touch panel and demonstrated that it is possible to input characters and use a Web browser with the device. The new touch panel gives feelings of clicking a button, pressing a soft, mechanical button, half-pressing and then completely pressing down a shutter button, etc. Also, it is possible to make the user feel as if there are buttons on the touch panel when the user is stroking the panel with a finger." via TechOn!

The Latest on Digital Scribing Technology - A great article discussing the latest Digital Scribing Technology from the Pogo Sketch ( to the Bamboo Stylus (Wacom) and the PhatPad (iPad App). The new technology is opening more doors to help bring touchscreens to everyday applications and allow manufacturers to lower production costs. via The Sydney Morning Herald

ITRI Introduces Eco-Friendly Polarizer Protective Film for LCD's - ITRI introduces "HyTAC(TM), the world's first environmentally friendly polarizer protective film for LCD displays used in consumer electronics. The breakthrough materials and production processes used in the development of HyTAC(TM) will make the production of LCD displays 50 percent more eco-friendly, improve performance in LCD transparency and stability, and provide a safer manufacturing environment for employees while reducing production costs." via Marketwire

LG Unveils 47" Lower Power LCD TV Panel - "LG Display said Saturday that it has developed a 47-inch 1080p LCD TV panel that consumes less electricity than other over 40-inch TVs or even PC monitors measuring more than 20 inches. The new panel is said to "achieve the world's lowest power consumption rate among large LCD panels by dramatically reducing the number of LED lamps used while maintaining a high level of brightness."" via TWICE

Two Leading Panel Makers Report Decline in Sales for September - "Chimei Innolux Corp. and AU Optronics Corp. (AUO), two of Taiwan's leading flat panel makers, reported a decline in sales for September due to falling product prices. Chimei Innolux said Friday it posted NT$41.47 billion (US$1.36 billion) in consolidated sales for September, down 1.3 percent from August and also down 9.1 percent from a year earlier.According to DisplaySearch, a market advisory firm, prices of liquid crystal display (LCD) monitors and panels for notebook computers remained flat in early October, but TV screens faced downward pressure in pricing. DisplaySearch said flat panel makers have been selling products at prices below production costs and such pressure is mounting amid a supply glut." via Taiwan News

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