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Friday, October 14, 2011
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iPhone 4S Teardown By iFixit via iFixit

MultiTouch Ltd. Introduces Largest Multi-User Multitouch Display - "MultiTaction builds on MultiTouch's patented optical imaging technology Computer Vision Through Screen for multitouch displays, and provides the world's most advanced set of touch, gesture and object recognition capabilities. The MultiTaction Cell 55" is a Full HD display that is four inches deep on the sides and eight inches deep in the middle, can accommodate unlimited number of touch points and an unlimited number of concurrent users with full hand recognition." via MarketWatch

Cadillac is Taking it's Touch Screen Capability and Performance to Next Level - "General Motors Co.'s luxury brand will unveil its new interactive console today with iPad-like touch screens, fewer buttons and advanced voice recognition. The new in-car technology, dubbed CUE, will enable drivers to pair up to 10 Bluetooth-enable devices — such as smartphones and MP3 players — with the car's onboard infotainment system and call up contents by either speaking aloud or using the icons on the eight-inch LCD touch screen. "For the tech-savvy, it's everything you want it to be: a full suite of infotainment, navigation and communication tools that keeps you fully connected," said Don Butler, Cadillac's vice president of marketing." via The Detroit News

Stanford Students Create Touchscreen Braille Writer During Summer Course - In a two-month summer course on high-performance computing, promising undergrads compete to create innovative applications. This summer's winner developed a touchscreen Braille writer that stands to revolutionize how the blind negotiate an unseen world by replacing devices costing up to 10 times more. via The Stanford University News

New Warplanning Tablet bring Shock and Awe - The AAI Corporation is introducing a two by three foot tablet designed for the battlefield. Taking the place of maps and printed coordinates, the multi-functional touchscreen tablet will enable Commanders to contain all aspects of information in one centralized location. "It's an intelligence and operations convergence." said Chris Ellsworth of AAI. via WIRED 



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