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Wednesday, November 23, 2011
Display Alliance

Turning Food Into Display Surfaces, Just in Time for Thanksgiving (Video Above) - via TechCrunch

Apple Choosing to Partner with Sharp and Integrate IGZO on Upcoming iPad 3 - "The adopted display tech is based on IGZO (indium, gallium, zinc) processes, which offer near-OLED power consumption, is cheaper to make and only 25 percent thicker than displays made using OLED technology. This technology depends on oxide-material-based thin-film transistors, which enables manufacturing advantages. The analyst has a host of interesting details on the new process, for example: "He believes that Apple and Sharp will jointly develop OLED panels for use in the iPhone and iPad within the next one to two years." He describes a new printing technology Sharp and Apple have that enables OLED to be printed onto a film that's later stuck to the glass, boosting display yields to a "tremendous" degree." via

Japan Display Alliance Threatens Taiwanese Suppliers in Small and Medium-sized Companies - "Japan Display will utilize high value-added technologies of the major shareholders and establish new production lines by utilizing funds provided by INCJ, to meet market demand for high value-added products. And with efficient use of existing production capabilities of the shareholders, Japan Display aims to improve cost competitiveness to solidify its position as a globally leading company in the small- and medium-sized display market. The business will begin operation in the spring of 2012 once officially approved." via

Qualcomm's Mirasol to Challenge LCD and E-ink, Will Arrive in Next Few Months - "Most tablets and e-readers today use LCD or e-ink technology, but a new challenger that promises sharp color and reduced screen power consumption could be used in devices in a matter of months. The company is primarily focusing the screen technology on e-readers, but Mirasol displays have also been shown on tablets. "We have partners who are really excited about the kind of capabilities that Mirasol brings -- the ultra low power, sunlight visibility, the fact that we can do video on these things. So the devices are coming out, we're feeling good about where we're headed," Jacobs said. Displays are the biggest power hog on devices and Mirasol's low-power attribute is its biggest advantage, Jacobs said." via PC World

Taiwan Government to Visit AUO and CMI to Push Merger in TFT-LCD Sector - "The government's top economic planner said Friday she will visit AU Optronics Corp. (AUO) next week to see what incentives the government can offer to push for integration of the country's struggling flat panel display companies. Christina Liu, chairwoman of the Council for Economic Planning and Development (CEPD), said she will travel to the central city of Taichung next Tuesday to meet with AUO Chairman K.Y. Lee to solicit his opinions on her proposal that the country's top two flat panel display makers merge or integrate to enhance their competitiveness in the fiercely competitive global TFT-LCD (thin film transistor liquid crystal display) market. Liu said she also planned to meet with senior executives of another domestic flat panel display giant, Chimei Innolux Corp., to better understand its views on her "integration" proposal. Major local flat panel display makers have been reeling from huge losses due to weak end-market demand, high royalty costs and cut-throat competition from foreign competitors." via Taiwan News

Microsoft Surface Now Taking Orders - "Microsoft, which has prospered via small systems like the PC, now hopes to chart a new course with its latest offering called the Microsoft Surface 2, a gigantic coffee-table sized device with built-in touchscreen capabilities. The list price: $8,900. The Samsung Electronics-developed version of the touch-screen table has begun taking pre-orders in 23 countries, with its release date pegged for "early 2012."" via International Business Times



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