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Tuesday, November 8, 2011
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Microsoft's Time-Lapse Build of their 6-Story Windows Phone (Video Above) - We are excited to witness this gigantic display as we travel to CETW 2011 in NYC tomorrow. Hope to see some of you there!

Sony Set to Debut Wi-Fi Touch Screen Photo Frame - "The W700, available in black and white, features a 7-inch touch-screen 800x480 LCD (16:9, WVGA) with LED backlighting and flick and click navigation. Compatible content include a variety of media like the usual MPEG variants and raw AVCHD files. Internal memory is fair at 1GB, but there is support for MS Pro/Duo, SD/SDHC/SDXC storage cards, and Mini-A and Mini-B USB port for thumb drive or computer connections. Included Wi-Fi support is impressive with the full range over 802.11b/g/n and networking capability." via cnet 

Chimei to Invest $8 Billion on Plant in Brazil - "Chimei Innolux Corp, the nation’s biggest LCD panel maker, yesterday said it was evaluating the possibility of operating an LCD plant in Brazil, responding to speculation that the company would follow major shareholder Hon Hai Precision Industry Co’s decision to build a plant there.In June, Hon Hai said it planned to invest US$12 billion on a production line in Brazil to make tablet devices over the next five years and it also planned to build a component supply chain in the Latin American nation to tap into fast-emerging markets." via Taipei Times

Apple Ponders Backlight Options for Next iPad - "Operating on the assumption that Apple is actively pursing a Retina Display for the next Apple iPad tablet the rumor mill is reporting that Apple will introduce a new LED backlight design with the next iPad tablet. Apperantly the current single LED back-light design used in the 1024×768 resolution iPad 1 and iPad 2 isn’t sufficent for the 2048×1536 resolution display that’s reportedly being used on the next-gen. Apple iPad tablet." via Tablets-Planet

Using Multiple Layers and More Lenses to Create a Higher Sense of Depth Perception - "It forms images of objects at the front toward the front, and objects at the back toward the back. When objects at the front are in focus, those at the back are blurred, and when you're looking at the objects at the back, those in front are blurred. So a feature of this display is that it reproduces focal depth. The resolution in the current prototype stands at just 200×200, but another cool feature is that it allows you to view pictures in 3D not only when you move your head horizontally, but also when you move it vertically." via TechCrunch


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