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Tuesday, December 13, 2011
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Samsung Sm'art gallery frames bid for your fine art affection "The idea, Samsung VP Scott Birnbaum told us, is to provide stunning high-end LCD screens that can practically make you feel the texture of a painting, and can handle displaying such images continuously for long periods of time, alongside a Samsung-curated digital marketplace for art where community artists can sell their work while setting their own prices. While this Planar-built screen (21.9" by 33.9", with a 1:1.5 aspect ratio) has a hefty frame, Birnbaum imagines that the final products will look like a single sheet of glass and have touchscreen remote controls." via TheVerge

Samsung puts sensor in each pixel for 40in touch LCD "According to the company, the panel can detect more than 50 touch points simultaneously and can display images with Full HD resolution and wide-angle viewing. 'All of the input functions of a keyboard, mouse or scanner can be carried out on the panel itself,' said Samsung." via ElectronicsWeekly

K-micro Samples New Frame Rate Converter LCD Timing Controller for Large-Size LCD TV Market "As a result of increased pricing pressure, LCD panel and television manufacturers need to be able to develop improved products without extra cost and complexity. K-micro's VFRC-A1 allows them to offer superior motion picture performance by reducing motion artifacts such as blur and judder at significantly lower cost than before. K-micro reduced the cost of this new generation controllers by 50%. The VFRC-A1 is available now in sample quantities to select customers. Mass production will begin in Q2, 2012, with sample pricing of $15. This technology is also available for integration into ASICs for qualified customers." via TheSacramentoBee

USA Kiosk Resellers Wanted for New Touchscreen Kiosk Range "Kiosks4Business are seeking successful partners for introducing and selling our new range of new touchscreen kiosk products in the USA. Our kiosks are used in many sectors in the UK including Government, Schools & colleges, Retailers and many more. We receive the same kind of enquiries from the USA but at present are not able to offer a service in the USA." via DisplayAllianceOpen

ACER TRAVELMATE 8481T "And the display, a matte 14-inch 1366×768 LCD manufactured by LG Display (model number LP140WH6-TJB1), in the Acer TravelMate 8481T does in fact completely suck: a 149:1 contrast ratio, washed out blacks with a 1.6-nit brightness level, a Delta E of 9.56 (that means color accuracy is nowhere to be seen)." via DisplayBlog

True Vision Displays Inc Introduces Rugged Enclosure TFT Product Line "True Vision Displays Inc., a TFT LCD solutions provider, announced today a new rugged display system. The TVD104XHAL is a complete system that features a button bezel, 10.4 inch XGA extended temp LCD with options for NVIS compliance.The new display system is completely designed, developed and manufactured in True Visions Displays ISO-9001 compliant manufacturing facility in Cerritos California." via DisplayAllianceOpen

VESA says digital signage display firms speeding up DisplayPort adoption "VESA’s DisplayPort standard is a high-bandwidth interface designed to enable features not available with other electronic connections, delivering true digital imaging and audio through a single cable. DisplayPort enhances display performance by doubling the maximum data transfer rate and increasing display resolution, color depths and refresh rates." via FlatVision

Cover glass demand rising on increasing large-size touch applications "Demand for cover glass is set to increase significantly as the application of touch-controlled technology has expanded to include large-size panels for outdoor advertising windows, vending machines, transparent advertisement glass, in addition to notebooks and tablet PCs, according to industry sources." via DigiTimesDisplay

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