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Thursday, December 15, 2011
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Portable Laptop Side Monitor Boosts Productivity "Less than a pound, Cinq delivers 10.1 inches of smooth 720p/16:9 video using DisplayLink's lossless image compression technology. It can physically attach to your laptop in portrait or landscape position -- and auto-rotates when quickly changing between the two -- or be placed on the included adjustable stand, especially handy for one-on-one presentations. It gets both power and data from a single USB connection and has a built-in SD card reader for quickly referencing multimedia and other files." via DiscoveryNews

Hands-on with the first Android device to features Qualcomm's Mirasol display "The current Mirasol displays can only do 40 frames per second (Kyobo is capped at 30 fps), but we expect future generations of the display tech to handle full HD video with higher frame count and better color reproduction. Expect to see Mirasol displays in more Android devices like tablets and smartphones in the second half of 2012." via AndroidandMe

Samsung launches concept demo for flexible translucent 3D display "It may be years before we see anything like this, but with fierce competition in the tablet computer sector, Samsung might be willing to invest a lot of money to make this a reality. Samsung suggested we could see the first flexible smartphones and tablets next year." via VR-Zone

Turn Your Old Netbook or Laptop Into a Touchscreen PC "We've looked at turning a MacBook into a tablet computer and even written some software for you to turn it into a nice heads up display, but Instructables user mkarvonen has created a how-to that demonstrates how to turn virtually any laptop into a touchscreen tablet—so long as you have the requisite patience." via LifeHacker

Transparent LCD Technology – Endless Possibilities "Transparent displays have a wide range of use in all industry areas as an efficient tool for delivering information and communication. Corporations and schools can adopt the panel as an interactive communication device, which enables information to be displayed more effectively. The transparent LCD panels have a high transmittance rate, which enables a person to look right through the panel like glass, and it consumes 90% less electricity compared with a conventional LCD panel using back light unit." via SENDAE

Input Lag Testing "Input lag is described as the lag between the output from a graphics card and the image which is displayed on the screen you are using. For LCD screens this should not be confused with pixel response time which describes the speed at which a pixel can change from one orientation to another. Pixel response times impact aspects such as motion blur and ghosting in moving images. On the other hand input lag is a delay between what is sent to the monitor, and what you actually see." via TFTCentral

2880×1800 MACBOOK PRO "I don’t think the 15.4-inch MacBook Pro will get the Retina treatment first. The 15-inch MBP comes in two pixel formats: 1440×900 and 1680×1050. Sooner than later my guess is the lower-end 1440×900 will no longer be offered. You wouldn’t want the latest and greatest to be associated with something that will be EOLed. Besides putting lots of pixels into a bigger display is much harder." via DisplayBlog

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