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Friday, December 2, 2011
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This is What I Want for Christmas - the EXODesk Touchscreen Monitor (Video Above) - via

2012 To Bring Higher Resolution and LED Backlights for Tablet PC Panels, says DisplaySearch - ""The TFT LCD industry is undergoing some extraordinary changes in regards to high resolution and LED backlights for tablet PC panels. Rapid growth in multimedia usage of tablet PCs is driving panel makers to upgrade the resolution of tablet PC panels," noted David Hsieh, vice president, Greater China Market, DisplaySearch. "At the same time, the rapidly growing LCD TV market in emerging countries is encouraging panel makers to develop 'fit spec' products, such as low-cost direct type LED-backlit panels, which have a similar structure to traditional CCFL models, but consume less power," Hsieh added." via DigiTimes

AUO Expects Prices of Some Large-Size Flat Panels to Bottom Out - "Prices of certain sizes of large-size LCD panels are likely to bottom out soon due to an influx of short lead-time orders, according to KY Lee, chairman of AU Optronics (AUO). However, Lee stated that the business outlook for the panel industry in 2012 remains unclear. Sales of LCD TVs during the 2011 Black Friday shopping weekend in North America were pretty much amazing, pushing up demand for flat panels, Lee noted, adding that prices of certain sizes of monitor and TV panels have been raised accordingly." via DigiTimes

Samsung Wants to Lead Large-Scale Touch Display Market with PixelSense Multitouch Displays - "Samsung isn’t just relying on Microsoft’s second-gen Surface SUR40 for sales of its in-pixel multitouch LCD panels: the company has begun mass production of the 40-inch display, and is eyeing other potential implementations of the 50-point multitouch system. What makes Samsung’s screen special is the PixelSense optical sensors, embedded in with the display itself, and capable of not only tracking multiple points of finger contact, but of capturing images of whatever objects are placed on top of it. Since putting things on top of displays normally ends in cracks and weeping, Samsung has outfitted this particular panel with a sheet of tempered glass that can withstand 80kg. However the expectation is that it will be used for eye-catching (and convenient) tricks like scanning documents placed on top or – since wall-mounting is an option – held against it." via SlashGear

Samsung Announces Production of 40-inch 'Optical Sensor in Pixel' LCD Panels - "The Optical Sensor in Pixel LCD panel detects reflected images of an object on the panel using Infrared sensors that are built into the panel. With optical sensor in each pixel of the panel, the new panel can much more accurately assess touch sensitivity compared to existing touch panels. Using next-generation image sensing technology, the Optical Sensor in Pixel panel can detect more than 50 touch points simultaneously and can display images with Full HD resolution and wide-angle viewing. All of the input functions of a keyboard, mouse or scanner can be carried out on the panel itself. The panel can be installed in a variety of applications including table top and wall-mounted types." via MarketWatch

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