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Tuesday, February 21, 2012
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WHY CINQ "Using CINQ with your laptop gives you more room to work and improves your productivity instantly! Don’t believe us? Research studies have proven that using a second monitor increases productivity by as much as 50%. HD 720p is delivered via DisplayLink’s processor. The Dual Core Decode Engine and 2nd Generation DL2+ Lossless Graphics Compression allows a crisp, clear viewing experience for all your HD content." via MYCINQ

2011 LARGE-AREA TFT LCD SHIPMENTS "The next portion of the announcement I have a problem with is unit shipments. In the case of a ‘large-area’ unit shipment, a unit can be a 55-inch LCD TV panel or a 9.7-inch iPad panel. The difference between one million 55-inch LCD TV panels versus one million 9.7-inch iPad panels is big. A unit is not a unit is not a unit. Without a detailed breakdown in size a lump sum unit shipment number means very little." via DisplayBlog

Panel Price Erosion and Tablet Panel Demand Impact TFT LCD Market Dynamics "Two trends are emerging for large-area TFT LCD panel shipments: tablet PC panels are the fastest growing segment for large-area displays, and ongoing panel price erosion is impacting revenues and profitability." via ECN

Taiwan stocks open lower, Chimei Innolux down "Taiwan stocks opened down 0.17 percent on Wednesday, dragged by LCD makers, with Chimei Innolux Corp tumbling 5.6 percent after a report that it has about T$50-60 billion ($1.69-2.03 billion) in debt in China, raising concern over its repayment ability in Taiwan." via Reuters

Samsung Spins Off LCD Business to Concentrate on OLEDs "Independent operation as a company specializing in display panels going forward, is expected to enable Samsung LCD business to achieve continuous growth by strengthening its competitiveness based on the select and focus strategy and taking an advantageous position in the future display market ahead of competitors; reinforce its technological competitiveness; enhance speed in investment/strategic decision-making process; and establish autonomous and responsible management." via Xbitlabs

The Advanced Role of Professional Displays in Healthcare: Panasonic Looks at the Big Picture "The white paper "Digital Concierge: Flat Panel Display Technologies In Hospital Settings Serve As Ubiquitous Point Of Interaction Among Patients, Families, Healthcare Professionals And Hospital Administration," highlights the growing market and application examples for professional display technology in healthcare. The study, authored by BizTechReports, found growing evidence that taking a strategic and integrated approach to deploying a professional display solution, in tandem with other clinical and digital signage applications, creates a real value proposition for hospitals and healthcare facilities." via MarketWatch

Digital Signage Content: Integrating Social Media Can Garner Attention and Build Interest "Could designating on-screen real estate of a digital sign to a special Facebook page, give a business owner a way to help patrons connect with one another on screen and in so doing cut through the noise, attract the attention of customers and promote goods or services in other zones on the sign?" via DisplayAlliance

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