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The Display Industry News Source 6.13.2011

Touch panel industry to take off in 2011, says TPK chairman

"TPK will increase in-house production of glass-based touch sensors, cover glass and touch modules and procure automated equipment to minimize production costs, Chiang noted. TPK aims to provide touch solutions for a full range of screen sizes to compete for orders from vendors of smartphones, tablet PCs and e-book readers, Chiang pointed out." via Digitimes Displays

Only CPT sees sequential drop in May revenues among four panel makers

"Among the four Taiwan-based TFT-LCD panel makers – Chimei Innolux (CMI), AU Optronics (AUO), Chunghwa Picture Tubes (CPT) and HannStar Display – only CPT suffered an on-month decrease in May 2011 consolidated revenues, according to the companies." via Digitimes Displays

China to Surpass Japan in Large-Area TFT LCD Panel Production in Q2’11

"The push by Chinese panel makers may influence the supply/demand balance, panel prices, panel roadmaps and value chain relationships. Meanwhile, Japanese manufacturers are starting to look for alternative options to sustain their TFT LCD businesses, such as outsourcing, technology licensing, shifting to small medium size businesses, as well as joint ventures, mergers, and consolidations." via DisplaySearch

Huawei releases some new shots of its upcoming Dual Core Honeycomb tablet

"This new tablet Screen size seems to be around 7” with a possible 1280×800 resolution and should also comes with Android 3.0 Honeycomb, WiFi, 3G Bluetooth and of course a Web Camera!" via AkihabaraNews

E3 2011: Sony 2D/3D 24-inch Gaming 1080p LCD for PS3

"The pixel for­mat is 1920×1080 and Sony chose active shut­ter 3D tech­nol­ogy. Be glad the com­pany decided to include a pair of 3D glasses because those can get really expen­sive, $70 to be exact. The 24-inch 1080p dis­play can also work as a reg­u­lar 2D monitor." via DisplayBlog

Panasonic Toughbook 19, Now With TransflectivePlus Display

"I’m not sure what “6000 nit of trans­flec­tive bright­ness equiv­a­lent under 200K lx envi­ron­ment” means but I’m guess­ing sun­light read­abil­ity on the 10.1-inch 1024×768 TransflectivePlus LCD is quite good. The matte dis­play cou­pled with anti-glare and anti-reflective coat­ings (or films) should be a treat for eyes that are sore from glare-ridden dis­plays on most note­books." via DisplayBlog

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