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The Display Industry News Source 6.15.2011

Calibration of the Highest Caliber

"All LCD monitors from General Digital employ a multifrequency input video controller that should be calibrated for each video mode that you wish to support. If performed properly, the calibration procedure need only be performed once for each video mode." via GeneralDigital

Display Taiwan 2011: CPT 9.7-inch 3D LCD in an iPad

"What I do think is that CPT, Chunghwa Picture Tubes, wanted to show­case it’s 9.7-inch 4:3 3D LCD at Display Taiwan 2011. And what bet­ter way to do that than to stick it inside the most pop­u­lar tablet? CPT seems to have cho­sen pas­sive 3D technology." via DisplayBlog

Another 2048×1536 Asset Suggests Upcoming Retina Display On iPad

"Back before the iPad 2 was announced, there was some speculation that it might have a Retina style screen at a doubled (horizontal and vertical) resolution of 2048×1536, based on some extra-large assets found deep in the OS" via CrunchGear

"$35″ "Indian" Tablet To Ship This Month (For $50)

"The official price would actually 2200 rupees, or around $50. The Indian government, however, is planning on offering a 50% subsidy on purchases, bringing the price below the original $35 estimate. 10,000 would be sent out to Rajasthan this month and 90,000 more to other areas over the summer." via CrunchGear

Complexity Kills

"Coincidently, at the same time as people here were pulling their hair out and trying to jump off ledges, I was reading this line in a blog post “Anybody who has looked at their customer acquisition funnel knows how even minor usability problems can drive away vast swaths of people.” via The Web Outside

Aerva wins NYC Port Authority media curtain software deal

"The Boston-based software company won the deal to drive the 6,000 sq. ft. LED media curtain facade on New York Port Authority Bus Terminal." via Sixteen:Nine

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