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Wednesday, June 20, 2012
Display Alliance in News Roundup

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Inside the MacBook Pro Retina-display "Even the experts at iFixit, who are used to removing and handling fragile screens, managed to break the Retina display when attempting to remove it." via ZDNet

Chinese Suppliers Shine in Large-Sized LCD Panel Market in Q1 "Although the major South Korean brands continued to dominate, Chinese suppliers represented the fastest-growing contingent of the large-sized liquid crystal display (LCD) panel market in the first quarter, capitalizing on rising production and strong domestic demand for 32-inch televisions." via iSuppli

UAS Operators Save Lives In Combat "The Puma UAS is a 13-pound, portable, hand-launched unmanned aircraft system, known as a UAS, with a wingspan of 9.2-feet and electro-optical/infrared, or EO/IR, sensors able to beam back real-time imagery from combat-relevant locations.

The EO/IR sensors on Harris’ PUMA UAS showed live, real-time images of the insurgent activity on his one system remote video terminal, or OSRVT. The OSRVT is a laptop-like display screen and antenna able to give Soldiers like Harris advance warning of nearby threats." via DefenceTalk

MGM / Four Winds Digital Signage Case Study

Global LCD TV Shipments Fall for the First Time Ever in Q1’12 "Worldwide TV shipments fell almost 8% Y/Y in Q1’12, the steepest rate of decline since Q2’09. Total TV shipments for the quarter were 51M units, according to the latest release of the NPD DisplaySearch Advanced Quarterly Global TV Shipment and Forecast Report. The biggest contributor to this decline was a slowdown in shipments of LCD TVs, which fell year-on-year for the first time in the history of the category, declining just over 3%, to 43M units." via DisplaySearch

The Touch-y Subject Of Touch Tech For Digital Signage "There are at least a dozen different touch technology categories out there right now, and almost 200 companies selling their own variations on them.

By far, the big boy is Projected Capacitive, or P-Cap, or The Touch Thing That’s Most Like My Smartphone screen. The numbers of companies doing that has grown sharply, and the same with companies doing “multi-touch” – which by most definitions could be any number of the categories listed above, including P-Cap." via Sixteen:Nine

Next app for TI's DLP is large touchscreens "Digital light processor technology developed by Texas Instruments 25 years ago has been used to bring big-screen cinema to the digital age is now being used in picoprojectors for smartphones, cameras and tablets, company officials said. By this time next year, they predict DLP technology will powering large touchscreens." via EE Times

CMI wins Outstanding Photonics Product Award 2012 for its 50" 60Hz Frame Repeating 3D Direct-Type LED panel "Chimei Innolux Corporation (CMI) has granted “the Outstanding Photonics Product Award 2012” by the Photonics Industry & Technology Development Association (PIDA) for its 50" 60Hz Frame Repeating 3D Direct-Type LED panel, fully demonstrating the company’s superior capabilities of integrated R&D and it leadership on innovative technology." via CMI

The Phoenix Group Expands Its POS Products & Solutions Portfolio With Ingenico's Devices Designed to Handle NFC Mobile and EMV Payments "Ingenico, a leading worldwide provider of payment devices and services, and The Phoenix Group (TPG), the largest independent distributor of POS terminals and solutions in the U.S., today signed a new multi-year distribution agreement, enabling TPG to market and sell Ingenico's next generation Telium series point-of-sale (POS) devices to independent sales organizations (ISOs) in the United States. In the wake of accelerated demand for innovative products capable of securely accepting traditional magstripe, emerging EMV chip-based, contactless, and NFC-based payments both companies are making a strategic investment to offer the latest Telium POS technology and solutions to ISOs." via Market Watch

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