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The Display Industry News Source 6.21.2011

Dotting the eyes-How tiny crystals can improve picture quality

"GOOD as modern display screens are, they could be a lot better. Even the best liquid-crystal display (LCD) can produce only about a third of the range of colours which the human eye (in collaboration with the brain) can perceive. But that may soon change, with the deployment in screens of structures called quantum dots." via Economist

The Game Changer Has Arrived

"Yes, you read that right. Less than four grand for a 70-inch 1080p LCD display with all of the latest bells and whistles, such as a super-slim profile, 4 HDMI inputs, Sharp’s Quattron enhanced color gamut system, and Ethernet connectivity. (Did I mention it uses one of the new X-Gen 10-bit panels?)" via Display Daily

Digitimes Insight: Japan small- and medium-size LCD panel firms gear up competition

"The media in Japan reported the news of an integrated new firm by Sony Mobile Display and Toshiba Mobile Display (TMD) on June 7, 2011. Shipments of small- and medium-size panels of the new firm could exceed Sharp and become the world's largest panel maker. This will also retrieve the lost market shares from South Korea- and Taiwan-based competitors." via DigiTime Displays

Engadget says that N9 uses a Clear Black Display is "a sight to behold"

"Engadget posted a short hands-on review on the new Nokia N9. They claim that the display uses Nokia's Clear Black Display (CBD) technology - although Nokia's own press release never mentioned that. CBD adds a special filter on top of the display which blocks light reflection - and helps the AMOLED perform better outdoors." via OLED-Info

Estecom Multi-touch Intelligent Panels are Very Cool

"A great example of where touch technology is going, compliments of a collaboration between Estecom and Baanto." via Display Alliance

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