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The Display Industry News Source 6.27.2011

Wintek co-operate with Shanghai Tianma in AMOLED Touch Panel Business

"Wintek co-operate with Shanghai Tianma to produce AMOLED touch panels. The companies are planning to ramp up fabs to produce AMOLED panels. Wintek plans to ramp up a plant in Taiwan to produce panels with their advanced technology touch (ATT) technology. The plan is to go online in 2013. The fab from Shanghai Tianma in China (5.5G) produce via a LTPS line in 201" via OLED-Info

4K×2K Benefits

"Panel makers and TV makers are planning to mass produce 4K×2K panels by the year end." via DisplaySearch

Cando developing reworkable lamination for touch panels

"Cando is developing a method of using reworkable liquid UV (ultraviolet) adhesive to laminate cover glass on touch sensors in producing projected capacitive touch panels to improve yield rates, with such products to be available around the end of 2011 or the beginning of 2012, according to the company." via DigiTimes Displays

Pricing for Large-Sized LCD Panels Up Slightly in June, amid Continued Weak Demand in End Markets- Panel buyers prepare, nonetheless, for summer and upcoming "hot" season

"Overall, the slight boost in pricing is due to the continuous replenishment of inventory among panel buyers. Buyers are still purchasing panels, pulling in production plans in order to mitigate the risk of any component shortage and possible supply disruption following the Japan quake disaster in March. Furthermore, buyers are preparing for the upcoming summer and back-to-school seasons, generally periods of hot activity for the market." via iSuppli

Numbers show digital signage display giants differ in North America and globally

"Globally, Samsung is the biggest player - moving 242,000 units (mostly LCD) and having a 10.2 percent market share. The top five rounds out with Panasonic, NEC, LG and Sharp. Philips is #6 globally but barely registers in North America." via Sixteen:Nine

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