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The Display Industry News Source 7.29.2011

Dramatic Digital Signage Growth Right Around the Corner - Retail to Lead the Way, Says New Research.  "A newly released report from IMS Research concludes that after a couple of sluggish years, the worldwide digital signage market will see growth in excess of 40 percent in 2013 to reach a total of $7 billion. And an important component of that market will be in the retail sector." via Display Alliance

LG to launch a 55in OLED TV in 2012-Likely to be gorgeous, unlikely to be cheap.  "Whenever it finally hits, the 55-inch OLED certainly won't come cheap. LG has already shown off a 31-inch OLED TV, which is yet to make it to the UK, as well as the 15-inch LG 15EL9500 which would set you back a cool £1,700." via Tech Radar

In Depth: The future of 3D TV content.  "For its part, Samsung has been quickest off the starting blocks in the emergent 3D TV market, already having captured over 50 per cent of market share in North America and Europe, according to German market researchers GfK. Samsung sold 50.5 percent of 3D TVs in Europe in May 2011, followed by Sony with a 21.8 percent market share, and LG Electronics and Panasonic with 9.3 and 9.2 per cent, respectively." via 3D Radar

AUO vice president says OLED-Tv are not cost competitive until 2014.  "Instead of investing in OLED displays for mobile applications, the company will now put all its efforts into large screen sizes for TVs: LG-Display will launch a 55-inch OLED TV by the second half next year!" via OLED Display

Apple and other major companies plan to visit the OLEDS World Summit 2011.  "There are many rumors about future Apple products with OLED Displays. So it looks like Apple want to use OLED in the near future in one of there products!" via OLED Display

Chirpy fitness PSAs a big hit on Chinese Digital OOH taxi screens.  "The only fitness motivation this would do for me is compel me to get out and walk, but Ad Age is reporting a Chinese Digital OOH company is seeing wild success with exercise instructional videos running on seat-back screens in taxi cabs in that country." via Sixteen:Nine

Samsung Display Panel Business, Second Quarter 2011 Results.  "LCD panel shipments increased mid-10% range Q/Q, but inventory levels remained high. LED-backlit LCDs for notebooks and monitors increased, but 40-inch and larger TV panels dropped. Samsung plans to focus on LCD panels for 3D and Smart TVs for the third quarter. That’s interesting, I prefer dumb 2D TVs." via Display Blog

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