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Tuesday, August 16, 2011
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Building More Capacity During Over-Supply?  "Many TV panel buyers are taking the opportunity to negotiate lower prices, and there are many spot deals with panel prices lower than the market average. For panel makers, the over-supply will force further cuts in capacity utilization in Q3’11 to manage inventories. As panel makers reduce prices, financial performance is impacted, leading them to slow down investments in Korea, Taiwan and Japan." via DisplaySearch Blog

Photovoltaic Cells In LCDs Could Recycle Wasted And Ambient Light  "Among the layers of the LCD are two polarizing sheets that block unwanted backlighting depending on their configuration. The team at UCLA has designed a new type of material for these layers called a polarizing organic photovoltaic film. Instead of simply blocking the light, it would act like a photovoltaic cell and reabsorb some of the light’s energy — whether it’s coming from inside or outside the device. Essentially it would recycle the light from the backlight while simultaneously acting as a solar cell." via TechCrunch

MOTOROLA DROID 3: 4-INCH RGBW PENTILE MATRIX  "The Motorola Droid 3 sports a RGBW PenTile Matrix 4.0-inch LCD with a 960×540 qHD pixel format." via DisplayBlog

Supply Line Troubles To Delay iPad 3 Launch?  "A 9.7″ display sporting 2048×1536 pixels, four times more than the current iPad and three times more than the HD displays on many Android tablets, is quite simply at the very limit of LCD panel manufacturing capability. Apple previously had hoped to have at least five or six million units by the end of the year and placed orders to that effect, but Digitimes is reporting that those orders have disappeared." via CrunchGear

BOE considers a 5.5-Gen AMOLED fab with a $3.44 billion investment.  "There are reports that BOE Display "considers" building a 5.5-Gen AMOLED fab in a $3.44 billion investment. According to the reports, the location will by Ordos (Inner Mongolia)." via OLED-Info

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