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Tuesday, June 26, 2012
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MetaTwistTower Digital Signage Display at Munich Airport "The MetaTwistTower is the first instrument of its kind in a new generation of digital information and communication systems. The natural progressive step in the transitional development from analogue advertising space to digital static screen: A digital billboard chameleon that adapts to suit its environment in order to covey the optimal communicative objective. The variability of this new system outpaces common LED systems, not only regarding the attractiveness and effectiveness it creates in the advertisement space but also with regards to its broad scope of application potential. The MTT’s transformation ability directly pays off as performance strength. Its spectacular dynamic provides the MetaTwistTower with numerous options of displaying images in different ways; this greatly enhances the communicative effect of digital content creating an absolute eye catcher for any passers-by." via MetaTwistTower

LCD panel makers to allocate more production capacity for TV applications "Panel makers have appropriated increasing portions of their production capacities for panels used in LCD TVs and tablet PCs in response to less growth potential in the global demand for LCD monitors, according to industry sources. Sources said that the LCD market is already mature and that decreasing the supply of panels used in monitors is expected to help keep prices for such panels stable. TPV Technology is expected to ship 65 million LCD monitors in 2012, only 5 million units more that were shipped in 2011." via DigiTimes

Panel manufacturers look to increase panel prices with new sizes "Industry sources said 40- and 42-inch sized LCD panels have dropped roughly 8-9% in price over the last month due to instabilities in European economies and that panel manufacturers are hoping that new panel sizes will stimulate the TV market. Sources said new 39- and 50-inch LCD panels will challenge mostly 37- and 47-inch segments, particularly in China, and the firms are optimistic the new panels will help push up LCD panel pricing during the second half of this year." via DigiTimes

Mitsubishi Installs Japan’s Largest Digital Signage System At Narita Airport "Mitsubishi Electric Corp. has announced that they have successfully installed Japan’s largest digital signage system at Narita International Airport. So, now whenever you go inside the airport, you will see hundreds of Panorama Vision OLED display screens, making this digital signage system the largest in Japan. ...Across the digital panels, the the travelers in transit can see the terminal areas, displays airport news, entertainment programs, advertisements as well as relaxing imagery to keep them engaged." CrazyEngineers

eMagin Receives Initial Production Subcontract for U.S. Army Enhanced Night Vision Goggle "The SENVG gives soldiers the ability to detect and identify potential threats regardless of weather or environmental conditions, helping to ensure they complete their missions and come home safely. "This is an important award for eMagin as it proves the value of the low power, high contrast and wide temperature operational advantages of our active matrix OLED technology for the U.S. Army's night vision initiatives," commented Andrew Sculley, President and Chief Executive Officer of eMagin. "We are pleased to be able to help reduce the power requirements for the SENVG with low-power, high contrast, OLED microdisplays."" via MarketWatch

41% of retailers will not deploy MPOS "Ian Tomlinson, CEO of Cybertill, commented: “I believe mobile EPOS systems are a great tool for added customer service, but I also believe that mobile POS should be deployed to add value and not just as an expensive gimmick. However, I think when this question is asked in twelve months’ time, mobile POS will have gained greater traction in the retail environment and be a proven solution that more retailers will be looking to deploy across their business.”" via Retail Gazette

HDTV Expert - Can Quantum Dots Save LCD-TV from AMOLEDs? – Ken Werner "Nanosys (Palo Alto, CA), which identifies itself as a materials company, has been working for several years to develop QD technology for display applications and has generated serious interest from companies such as Samsung and LG Innotek.  But there has been a missing link, or two:  a company that can produce commercial volumes of stable QD components and a company with high-volume supply-chain expertise.  Given its experience in manufacturing display enhancement films of various kinds and effectively supplying them in high volumes to the consumer display industry, 3M is clearly in a position to fill both of these roles.  Or, as Optical Systems Division VP Jim Bauman put it, “Combining the world-class technology and materials expertise of Nanosys with the engineering, design and supply chain capabilities of 3M will unlock a powerful new color viewing experience for consumers.”" via HDTV Magazine

Haptics: Reinventing the finger "THE smooth and impenetrable surface of the touchscreen has become familiar to everyone from dexterous toddlers to frustrated, fat-fingered adults. But not for much longer if Ville Makinen, the founder of Senseg, has his way. Under Dr Makinen’s tutelage Senseg, a Finnish firm, is deliberately roughing touch screens up. It is applying the idea of haptics—feedback to the sense of touch, rather than the senses of vision and hearing that are the usual targets of computer interactions—to the interface between screen and user." via The Economist

Interphase Awarded First Patent for the penveu™ Interactive Display System "The patent covers the penveu™ targeting system, which eliminates the need for calibration by inserting a targeting system – invisible to the human eye, but visible to the pen – into the display stream. ...penveu is a device that disrupts the $1.8 billion interactive whiteboard (IWB) industry, by enhancing the functionality of currently installed projectors and large screen displays. It encompasses superior technology – bringing rocket science to the masses in a sleek, pinpoint-accurate device – incorporating satellite and military navigation system technologies that are only now available to commercial markets.  It is compatible with any computer connected to a projector, large screen display, or TV using a VGA connector, regardless of operating system – all for a fraction of the current market price for such classroom technology." via The Sacramento Bee

Fujitsu Announces Low-cost 8-bit MCUs with capacitive touch sensor and controller functions (MB95870) "To date, capacitive touch sensor technology has typically been used in applications such as cash points and train station TVMs (Ticket Vending Machines) or in office equipment such as copiers and printers. In recent years, however, capacitive touch sensor technology has experienced rapid growth, driven by the spread of touch key and touch panel applications in household appliances – such as in refrigerators and washing machines, for example. When compared to mechanical switches or resistive film touch key technology, capacitive touch key technology is not only easier for users to operate but is also more resistant to dust, moisture and wear. This array of features has made the capacitive method the preferred choice in touch key technology. As the marketplace for touch key and touch panel interfaces expands, the demand for capacitive touch sensors and controllers to drive this technology is also increasing. In addition, there is a strong demand for the microcontrollers for such systems to be equipped with touch sensor and controller functionality." via Electropages

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